Entrepreneurial Life

The key points to triple a company before the age of 25

The only way to go far is to have a clear vision of ourselves and the business.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone: The 15 emotional factors that can tell you that it would not be your thing

The truth is that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But why not? Let's analyze this aspect.

Daniel Colombo

How to seize the opportunity to normalize well-being

Once companies drive the wellness issue internally, they complement it with tools and tactics that strengthen that vision.

Rodolfo Oviedo

Why is reinvention the way to the immediate future?

The organizations that dare to break paradigms and lead us to rethink the way we work and buy are those that hold the evolution.

The agile brain: What is neuroplasticity and how we can use it to our advantage

This feature allows you to improve your skills in any area, such as sports, music or language.

Learn what science has discovered about wellness and apply it in your daily life

From this Monday, October 25 to October 29, you can attend Wellbeing 360 °, a virtual event with a program of lectures focused on positive psychology for individuals, families and organizations.

Original solutions for your creative block

As a content creator, creative block can be a very common roadblock at work. Today I tell you several fun solutions that artists use to remove it.

Top 5 healthy fruits that you should include daily in your diet

There are some perfect fruits to achieve and maintain our ideal weight, promote our digestion and provide us with energy.

Paola Sasso

The 3 things you should live with, according to the happiness ambassador

Barry Shore was a very successful entrepreneur when, out of nowhere, a strange illness turned his life upside down and he had to change the way he saw the world.

Mindfulness, why should you teach it in your company?

Practicing mindfulness has several benefits including that it reduces stress, which is why it can be a great tool to help your employees.