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These are the 8 mental anchors that prevent you from taking off

It is that I did not finish high school "," It is that I do not have a master's degree "," It is that I never studied this or that "," It is that I have not received the diploma "...

How your social CV affects your real life

Recruiters collate information about job candidates through their social media posts.

Survival means becoming a lifelong learner

Today and, even more so, the future, requires people willing to be lifelong learners and learners.

5 steps to adopt new habits and keep them forever

When adopting new habits, be sure to always choose those that will have a positive impact and give your life true meaning.

The Missing Vaccine in the Pandemic: How the Shortage of Emotional Intelligence is Driving Everyone Crazy

Learn to develop self-leadership and to govern your emotions in the face of situations that are happening at full speed.

Daniel Colombo

3 beliefs that could slow down your career as an entrepreneur

The main barriers to entrepreneurship are mental. We share here what those obstacles are and how to overcome them.

Maxi Hapes

When they apply 'ghosting' in business

Speaking of the modesty of tinacos and the technologies that change the way we interact.

This is why you relate well (or badly) with others: Find out how you can improve your social skills

Antisocial people are often spoken of as a trait that distances them from their environment; what usually happens is that there are certain social skills that are more developed than others.

Daniel Colombo

How to take responsibility for your life?

Know the three levels of responsibility and learn to apply it.

6 practical methods to master the art of apologizing and feeling guilt-free

It is an internal process that needs to be elaborated by the parties involved and that allows to clean up and clear what was bothering.

Daniel Colombo