Entrepreneurial Life

How to survive and be an entrepreneur as a mother

We give you some tips to be everything: woman, mom and entrepreneur.

Katia del Rivero

· 6 min read

How to take responsibility for your life?

Know the three levels of responsibility and learn to apply it.

Daniel Colombo

· 10 min read

The 10 things I wish I knew when I was 20

Until a few months ago I thought that being young and having a good professional career was the perfect combo to take over the world ...

Georgie de Barba

· 7 min read

6 practical methods to master the art of apologizing and feeling guilt-free

It is an internal process that needs to be elaborated by the parties involved and that allows to clean up and clear what was bothering.

Daniel Colombo

· 11 min read

Oscar 2021: What dishes can accompany the best films?

Get ready for this awards weekend! Here we share a selection of foods that you can enjoy with the best movies.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 4 min read

What to do when we cannot disconnect from work in the pandemic

We spend the day exchanging identities: between the personal self and the professional self, alternating not only between screens, but also between our different personalities and worlds, even in our own home.

The Conversation

· 5 min read

People Complain 15-20 Times A Day: 5 Ideas To Quit

If you live permanently in this state, you are going to suffer it, because not only do you not advance or solve problems, but it is a boomerang that turns against you.

Daniel Colombo

· 8 min read

Why creativity will be our solution (and salvation)

People suffer from exhausting confinement with endless chores at home. Uncertainty and fragility are sensations that persist ...

Ivette Dickinson Galicia

· 2 min read

It is not the same to persuade, than to manipulate

What is the difference, and why is it important?

Francisco García Pimentel

· 7 min read

The 3 countries in America where the most people die from consuming alcohol

PAHO suggested limiting sales hours and raising taxes on alcoholic beverages.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 2 min read

Zoom fatigue exists, and here are 4 ways to transform it

The overexposure to screens simultaneously, such as the computer, the cell phone, a television, a tablet, plus the succession of voice calls and deadlines that mark the top line of delivery dates, subject employees to an exhausting effort .

Daniel Colombo

· 8 min read

Why It's Important to Disconnect From Your Job After Work Hours

Do we really have to answer the boss' calls at midnight or on vacation?

Paulina Santibáñez Santibáñez

· 4 min read