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The 4 Types of Meetings You Should Not Attend

The more successful you are, the less time you can waste meeting contacts who only take away valuable minutes.

Adam Callinan

How Many of the 10 Characteristics of Young Entrepreneurs Do You Have?

In Mexico, 79% of early-stage ventures pursue an opportunity and 56% of young founders are motivated by improving their income or quality of life.

8 Traits to Have a Winning Mindset

As in all aspects of life, there are essential ingredients for success.

3 Elements to Transcend in Life and Leave a Mark

Martha Herrera, global director of Social Impact at CEMEX and director of the CEMEX-Tec de Monterrey Center, called on the entrepreneurial community to seek its purpose.


Retiring young could affect brain functions: study

A good way to improve the negative effects of retirement is to stay involved in social activities.

8 Tips to Work From Home Without Being Distracted

Major tech companies have announced that they will allow employees to work from home permanently.

Playlist for entrepreneurs: music to wake up

If you feel tired or sleepless, we have the solution for you for this last milestone of the week. Put on your headphones and put on play!

Journaling, the trendy technique to deal with anxiety

Writing a journal has surprising benefits: controlling anxiety, increasing intelligence and even changing the morphology of the brain.

March Violante

Do Not Digitize the Story of Your Company Anymore: Humanize It!

Business stories are more effective if they focus on the feelings of the users and not on the benefits of the products.

Mexican entrepreneurs among the most resilient in the world

We share 5 aspects that show why Mexican entrepreneurs are among the most resistant.

Arturo Lee