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5 truths that have left me 10 years of failures and successes as an entrepreneur

A look back at my 10-year entrepreneurial journey and how it can help you get through yours.

5 steps to keep your email up to date

If you feel anxious about the amount of emails you have unread, here are some techniques to improve.

Daniel Colombo

How to quit your job and start your business in 90 days

If your work life no longer has joy or enthusiasm and you are thinking about self-employment or starting a business, then this article is for you.

Joe Rivas

10 books to read when you're stuck and need motivation

Sometimes we need a multi-chapter motivational speech to get to work.

Learn 5 Leonardo Da Vinci Strategies To Persuade Recruiters With Your CV

Although many companies apply Artificial Intelligence to collate applications, human review is more essential than ever to detect key factors.

Daniel Colombo

Customer storytelling: what do you want them to tell about you?

An effective way to promote your business is by having your customers say good things about you.

How to overcome exhaustion by practicing the 7 types of rest to balance your energy

I'll tell you a secret: sleeping, taking breaks and resting are not the same.

Daniel Colombo

What is 'Peer Mentoring' and what is its value within startups

An invaluable knowledge for entrepreneurs, rarely found in books or courses

How to make 2022 the year that Finally! Let's leave behind burnout

Organizations must recognize the strength they have as drivers of initiatives that achieve positive impacts beyond their doors when they establish comprehensive approaches and not just business.

Rodolfo Oviedo

You want to be an entrepreneur, but do you have what it takes? 5 basic skills you must have

It is important that you reflect on what skills you have and which ones you need to continue developing in order to start your business.

The power of silence in public speaking: 5 techniques to not speak like a parrot, and increase the value of your message

In everyday use of speech, we are not a machine saying words nonstop. Every day we all use a very powerful tool: silence.

7 personal lessons that the mistakes made during my journey as an entrepreneur left me

It is more valuable to learn from the mistakes made than from the successes achieved.

Carolina Muñoz