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How A Spanish-Language News Outlet About Cannabis Came To Be

Entrepreneur author Javier Hasse used to write for media outlets, now he owns one.

Hernan Panessi

· 6 min read

Does CBD Make Sex Better?

For Rebecca Alvarez Story, the founder of Bloomi, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Eric Weinberg

· 5 min read

These Celebrity Weed Brands Are The Ones You Want To Know Most

With weed so socially acceptable these days, it's no surprise that tons of celebs are putting their names on brands left and right.

Lindsay MaHarry

· 6 min read

For Veterans, the Potential of Plant Medicine Is 'Limitless'

An interview with US Army veteran and IHeartJane CEO Socrates Rosenfeld.

Ophelia Chong

· 4 min read

Power Players: Deepak Anand On The European Cannabis Market

"It's quite mainstream and quite easy to access, particularly when I compare this to Canada or the U.S., where we still don't have retail pharmacies that dispense the product," says Deepak Anand. "Germany is ahead of the rest of the world."


· 9 min read

When COVID Shut Her Spa Down, She Turned It Into A Hemp Dispensary

Maya Gilliam's advice to entrepreneurs looking to pivot: "Make what you love a source of income."

Jason Feifer

· 4 min read

She Started Her Cannabis Business With $1500 And A Dream

Now Mary Jane's Medicinals can be found in hundreds of dispensaries across Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. This is how Dahlia Mertens did it.

Jonathan Small

· 12 min read

Cannabis Legalization In One State Does Not Lead To Higher Crime In Neighbor States

When a state legalizes marijuana, it doesn't lead to higher crime in neighboring states, a new study finds. Yet another marijuana myth is buried.


· 3 min read

Bella Thorne Talks About New Cannabis Strains, Future of Forbidden Flowers

"It was almost like opening Pandora's box," says Bella Thorne. "No other weed company was willing to do that, but Glass House let me go with my own vision."

Javier Hasse

· 2 min read

Top 3 Decisions of Successful Cannabis Start-Ups

Get these three vital decisions right and you will be closer to world domination than to being sued. 

Andrew DeAngelo

· 4 min read

UFC Star and Serial Entrepreneur 'Sugar' Sean O'Malley Mixes Business With Beatdowns

The 25-year-old phenom has a big fight this weekend, but he's already knocking fans out with his clothing line and cannabis products.

Kenny Herzog

· 6 min read

How To Pivot In Times Of Need - Q&A With Seibo Shen

"The community aspect of cannabis seems to be a distant memory so before we launched this new brand," says Seibo Shen of Hanu Labs. "We wanted to give back to the community first."

Ophelia Chong

· 8 min read