Joe Caltabiano

· 4 min read

U.S. Cannabis Industry's Economic Impact Could Hit $130 Billion By 2024

Estimates published in the newly released Marijuana Business Factbook show the total economic impact of legal cannabis sales increasing 181 percent by 2024.

Eli McVey

· 3 min read

Planet 13 Gets Massive Cultivation Deal

The Superstore of Weed quadruples its ability to grow cannabis and make products.

Greg Miller

· 6 min read

How Did Oklahoma Become The Country's Hottest Cannabis Market?

"It would blow your mind, how many dispensaries there are just in this town. Every other building is a dispensary," says Daniel Lewis, CEO of the Cowboy Cup. "How those guys are all making money, I don't know."


· 6 min read

Here Are Seven Ways Marijuana Businesses Can Survive An IRS Audit

If the IRS knocks on your door, preparation is key. Start getting your house in order with these seven tactics.

Naomi Granger

· 6 min read

You Don't Have To Raise Funds To Make It Big In The Cannabis Industry

Carving your own path to success will take time. However, bootstrapping instead of raising capital from investors has massive advantages in today's cannabis marketplace.

Joshua Green

· 6 min read

Will The Hemp Industry Revive New York's Economy?

One Upstate county welcomes the hemp industry as a way to reinvigorate its economy.

Brian Beckley

· 10 min read

4 Reasons Smart Entrepreneurs Should Be Thirsting To Get Into The Cannabis Beverage Industry

New technology, increasing opportunities, and a rising consumer taste or health are propelling the nascent cannabis drink space. Obey their thirst.

Sumit Mehta

· 5 min read

Here's How Cannabis Companies Can Find Solutions To IRS Tax Code 280E

The legal cannabis industry in the U.S. has long contended it is unfairly burdened by IRC §280E's disallowance of deductions for ordinary and necessary business expenses.

Hey Government Officials: Cannabis Municipal Bonds Could Be A Great Source Of Revenue

Three compelling reasons why the goverment should consider CMBs, especially during the pandemic.

Salmeron Barnes

· 4 min read

You Need Proper Accounting For Your Cannabis Business. Here's Why.

Cannabis companies are experiencing audits regularly. Noncompliant businesses will face years of litigation, significant legal fees and back taxes.

Naomi Granger

· 5 min read

What Cannabis Companies Need to Know About The Federal Stimulus Package

Join us as our expert walks through the potential benefits of Congress's $2 trillion plan to cannabis entrepreneurs and employees.