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Indian Food Apps that Gained Popularity and Won Big Funding

Food-tech in India has come a long way and some of the startups have earned reputation and funding that have amazed many

Madhurima Roy

Here is Why this Asian Accelerator is Cashing in on China's Sustainable Food Ventures

Silicon Valley's JUST Partners with Asia's First Food Tech Accelerator to Fund Sustainable Food Ventures for China

Komal Nathani

5 Reasons Why it's the Right Time to Invest in Organic Food Industry

We tell you why this growing industry of Organic food offers a bright future to all its investors

Why Food Business Is Now Retail First?

Today's customers are looking for trendy things and value for money at the same time,accordingly the industry has also evolved in a stylish manner to cater the requirements

3 Trends to Know Before Starting a Restaurant

The organized portion of the restaurant industry was about 33 per cent last year, which is now up to 41 per cent.

Vanita D'souza

How This International Player is Set To Lead the Fight Against Obesity in India

India has seen a rise in the number of food-related health problems – obesity being a major one.

Sanchita Dash

Tech Is Accelerating a Boom In the Food Business

Technology is bringing new efficiencies, opportunities and profitability to agriculture and restaurant management.

Rahul Varshneya

How a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Can Convert Crowd into Customers

Strategy for any business, be it a business of a food service industry or other, has two fundamental processes - formulation and implementation

Why are Food-tech Start-ups Once Again Investors' Choice in India?

Are food-tech startups down and out in India already? The answer is no.

Komal Nathani

This Woman Cooks Delicious-Looking Meals Using Office Supplies

This proves there's really no good excuse to skip a meal.

Rose Leadem

#3 Facts a Budding Indian Restaurateur Must Know in 2017

Chef Koushik entered the culinary world at the nimble age of five after reading an Asterix novel. Since then he knew he wanted to be in the world cooking. Today he runs Eatitude!

How Meal-Kit Companies Prepped for Thousands of Thanksgiving Meals This Week

One company will ship 15,000 pounds of green beans this Thanksgiving.

Lydia Belanger