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On A Lighter Note With Deepinder Goyal

In an interaction with Entrepreneur, he shares his lighter side.

Ritu Kochar

An office for those married to their job

The workplace is now synonymous with the workforce more than ever before

Tripti Rai

What's Troubling Food Tech Startups

The players in food tech space need to keep in mind that 'food-tech' is ultimately about 'food' and successfully challenging the quality and taste offered by the traditional market effectively is the only way they will succeed.

Akash Shrivastava

Why are food delivery businesses so troubled?

Why is it that all the guys in the food delivery business seem to be experiencing problems?

How food-tech can make money?

Food tech is clearly driving consumption of foodaway from 'on-site' (in the restaurants) to 'off-site' (home / offices / colleges).

Will Genetically Modified Salmon Help Feed the World, or Drive the Species to Extinction?

Although the polarizing product likely won't come to market for years, it's already making waves.

Laura Entis

6 food tech startups that spearhead the Indian playfield

After tech startups, food tech avatar is the latest buzz in the ecosystem.

Samiksha Jain

ZuperMeal: Empowering home cooks

Food enthusiast Balasubramanian quit his job to start on his own post realising the huge potential of home-cooked food market in India.

Swadha Mishra

Serving Scientifically Designed Meals to Patrons

'I chose to work for startups to keep my entrepreneurial spirits alive.'

Swadha Mishra

How Foodport is changing the way you eat at work

Always willing to experiment in the food space, this Gurgaon-based duo serve healthy food ubiquitous for working professionals.

Swadha Mishra

Why VCs Are Devouring Food Startups

Investments in food ventures are heating up. Here's what's making investors bite.

Corie Brown