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'Though Not Fully, Digitization has Solved Problems for Women Entrepreneurs'

According to Shailja Dutt, founder and chairperson of Stellar Search, being an entrepreneur for women was difficult 20 years back and the situation has evolved very little

Shreya Ganguly

· 4 min read

Aparajita Saxena

· 2 min read

Gandhi Jayanti: Here's How entrepreneurs Get Inspiration from Mahatma's Principles

On the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a look at Gandhian values that start-up owners must implement in their businesses

Shreya Ganguly

· 5 min read

5 Things Every Founder Should Know

Being a founder is not an easy position to be in, there are twist and turns that will take you by surprise, whether they are pleasant or not

Callum Humphreys

· 3 min read

Why Some Founders Fail as CEOs

There have been many cases when the founder's desire for control overtook their motivation for profit, and as a result, they couldn't get any investor to come on board.

Sahil Vora

· 5 min read

This is What an Ideal Entrepreneur Would Look Like

'Fire in the belly and hope in the heart', this trait is one of the key differentiators between those who succeed and those who don't, as start-ups are fraught with pitfalls and it is easy to lose hope and give in

Ambarish Raghuvanshi

· 3 min read

Here's Why Your Startup Won't Get Funded

The main challenge start-ups are facing on their investor pitches is developing a convincing narrative that will attract and persuade investors

Eugene Cheng

· 6 min read

How Teaching Helps You Become a Better, More Successful Entrepreneur

When we engage in dialogue with learners, we expose ourselves to unfamiliar viewpoints, which elevates our perception of the world

Fei Yao

· 6 min read

Revisiting the Brightest Minds of 35U35

One of the most capable individuals in the country Rohan Murty and Kavin Bharti Mittal shone on the walls of Entrepreneur India last year, we revisit and decode them yet again!

Bhavya Kaushal

· 3 min read

5 Ways You Can Increase Productivity At Work With The Right Lighting

One of the most striking factors influencing how one works is the type of lighting they are exposed to, here's how you can ensure your office adopts the right lighting techniques to increase productivity

Radeesh Shetty

· 3 min read

Why Collaborating With a Startup Studio Can Result in a Scalable Business Impact

A startup studio can increase the chances of launching and sustaining a successful business by significantly minimizing the risk of failure

Fahad Moti Khan

· 5 min read

Traversing the Entrepreneurial Path - Difficult But Not Impossible

How to address the challenges in a modern enterprise with the existing resources easily with strategic manoeuvring

Hiren Shah

· 4 min read