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What Do Venture Capitalists Want?

Founders should live and breathe the life of their users or customers, says Jeffrey Paine of Singapore's Golden Gate Ventures

Pooja Singh

· 4 min read

Instagram, Oculus, WhatsApp and More: Here's How Things Panned Out for 5 Founders Who Sold to Facebook

Instagram's founders are leaving Facebook. Here's what happened to other entrepreneurs who sold their companies to the social media giant.

Hayden Field

· 9 min read

#5 Prerequisites to Start Your Journey of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur must learn from his immediate environment and adapt consciously and quickly to cater to the needs of the consumers

Harish Mohan

· 4 min read

Here's What Made These Founders Step Down in 2018

From Flipkart's Sachin Bansal to the builders of Instagram, the market has witnessed several high-profile exits over the past few months

Komal Nathani

· 2 min read

Here's How These Five Startup Founders Strike Work-life Balance

What people need to know to run a company and manage their personal life

Pooja Singh

· 2 min read

Which Type of Founder Are You?

All tech founders embody at least one of the following personas.

Karan Mehandru

· 6 min read

Why You Need to Push Your Employees to Think Like Entrepreneurs

Often people who want to become entrepreneurs start their journey by first working at a start-up

Sanchita Dash

· 5 min read

Deep Patel

· 8 min read

What Is the Ideal Age to Be An Entrepreneur?

The research finds no evidence to suggest that founders in their 20s are especially likely to succeed

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

Seven Learnings to Abide by in a Start-up Industry

It's conviction towards what we do that makes us the master of the trade, let's explore the key factors that can make one successful

Manish Kawlra

· 3 min read

7 Entrepreneurs Who Built Businesses Off Their Love of Travel

These founders turned wanderlust into wherewithal and became their own bosses.

Hayden Field

· 15+ min read