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This Startup Backed By Sachin Tendulaker Lets You Play Against Shoaib Akhtar And Ronaldo

The virtual gaming startup is close to raising Rs 200 crore ($30 million) from private equity investors.

Ritu Kochar

Hey, Kids. Want to Be Smarter and Friendlier? Play More Video Games. Maybe.

Survey says: Blowing their brains out on video games for several hours a week might not be so bad for children after all.

Brain Break: How to Find and Play the Basketball Game Hidden in Facebook Messenger

TGIF, ballers. This sporty brain-drain's a slam dunk when it comes to wasting time.

5 Easy Ways to Be Your Own Boss

Some tips that will help you step up your 'entrepreneur-ing game'.

Tripti Narain

B'Ring It On - Wearable Ring Technology is Changing the Gaming Community

Motion and gesture control based wearable makes gaming and casual browsing a uniquely smooth experience

Sandeep Soni

Kim Kardashian's Mobile Game Has Made More Than $100 Million

It's a lucrative side hustle for the reality TV star and entrepreneur.

Laura Entis

Beirut To Host MENA Games Conference 2016 In April

The event aims to promote and grow the regional gaming industry

Microsoft Will Soon Spawn a Classroom Edition of Minecraft

Brick by brick, the tech giant plans to cash in on the game's popularity with educators and students.

How the Latest Fake Minecraft App Reached No. 4 on the iTunes Charts and Then Disappeared

It was just one of dozens of malicious scam apps that copycat the wildly popular block-building adventure game.

How gamification can save the disengaged workforce

Whatever are your engagement goals, gamification can help

Chris Pyle

Gaming & Education- The Healthy Amalgamation

Gaming can play a positive role in educational achievements

Joomin Lee