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YouTube Copies Twitch and Launches New Features For Streamers

One feature includes having the possibility of enabling a subscribers-only chat in live broadcasts or premieres.

Netflix wants to compete with PlayStation and XBox: it will incorporate video games into its content

The company has analyzed different strategies to diversify its market and has decided to include video games.

Netflix quiere competir con PlayStation y XBox: Incorporará videojuegos a su contenido

La compañía ha analizado distintas estrategias para diversificar su mercado y ha decidido incluir videojuegos.

Add Greater Usability to Your Websites by Learning the JavaScript DOM

Explore the JavaScript DOM to create interactive web pages and games.

Crackonosh, el malware que ataca a los gamers

Este malware de minería de criptomonedas fue encontrado en versiones pirata de videojuegos como Grand Theft Auto V.

Crackonosh, the malware that attacks gamers

This cryptocurrency mining malware was found in pirated versions of video games such as Grand Theft Auto V.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Enter Into a Career In Gaming

What many do not realize is that making a livelihood and career in gaming is not just about being a gamer or gamestreamer; there are various other options

Parth Chadha

3 Reasons Our Lives Online Are Here to Stay

Life is gradually returning to something that looks more like normal, but our attachment to online communities will remain a fixture going forward.

Matt Cooper