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Diversity is not a seasonality

It is necessary to promote the attraction of diverse talent, provide adequate spaces to enhance their development, and make visible their opinions and needs in terms of labor rights

Saúl Crespo

Do you want to improve the work of your team? Thank him

It is scientifically proven that this act generates a very positive impact and does not cost you anything.

Business Leadership Changed: The New Skills You Must Master

In months, leaders had to change their minds, modify traditional structures, make difficult decisions and adapt to the needs of a health crisis.

Daniel Marcos

Why Authenticity Matters in New Leadership

Why and why can showing ourselves as we are help us to be better leaders?

Can they force you to get vaccinated at work?

We consulted two experts in labor law to find out what you can do to handle the situation in your company and know your rights and obligations as an employee.

March Violante

The great resignation: the revolution of the employees in search of labor flexibility

So far in 2021 there is a historic record in job resignations, driven by a movement that seeks to revolutionize the way people work.

The 4 traits of good leaders to be empathetic and achieve good results in teamwork

The challenges of being able to lead appropriately are many and varied, take note of these tips.

Daniel Colombo

The 10 temptations you should not fall into as a leader

Often times the teams that do not bear fruit, it is because they lose the sense of their task.

Gustavo Giorgi

Keys to motivate your work team and achieve goals

If you want your work team to have energy and meet its objectives, it is essential that you learn to motivate them.

5 steps and tools to become an innovative leader

These types of people are capable of imagining that things that are already done can be better.

Pamela Valdés