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7 Tips to Overcome Fear of Your Boss

A chief person is someone who has generally been appointed by the top of a company or organization.

Daniel Colombo

· 7 min read

5 Activities to Improve the Well-Being of Your Team

With the new home-office modality, companies have to know how to play their cards properly in order to be more productive and profitable.


· 3 min read

What Is Management 3.0 and Why You Should Pay Attention to Energize Your Teams

This model is based on the notion that a system cannot be analyzed as a mere sum of its component parts; rather, it is the relationships and interactions that give it meaning and momentum.

Daniel Colombo

· 5 min read

The workforce: the checkmate of SMEs

How can SMEs think of a strategy to increasingly empower their work teams, (as chess players do)?

Fundación Wadhwani

· 5 min read

So you can detonate innovation, the vitamin of your company

Develop your power to generate new ideas and make your teams innovate in any circumstance.

Great Place to Work México

· 4 min read

Resilience in Companies: The 5 Necessary Pillars To Strengthen in Crises

It is not about resisting what challenges the moment, but about acting positively despite the difficulties, and being able to transform that experience into a constructive one, to forge a new level of learning in life.

Daniel Colombo

· 4 min read

A New Way of Thinking: The Key Ingredient to Creating Innovation

Three experts highlighted the importance of strengthening collaborative environments through technological tools.


· 3 min read

10 questions to ask yourself before firing an employee

If you're about to say goodbye to someone on your team, stop for a moment and assess your leadership and recruiting qualities.

Lisa Girard

· 6 min read

Avoid Being a Micromanager by Following These Tips

Learn to distinguish the difference between what a manager should be and what a manager should do.

Belén Gómez Pereira

· 5 min read