The Benefits of Using Hemp in the Construction and Textile Industries

"We are only now harnessing the industrial hemp plant's potential as a rotating crop with regenerative agriculture qualities," says Steve DeAngelo.

Javier Hasse

· 5 min read

What Adding Hemp Seeds to Your Daily Diet Does for Your Body

Hemp seeds are thought to be superfood loaded with beneficial minerals and vitamins.

Amelia Cooper

· 6 min read

Hemp: Is It Marijuana or Not?

A 2011 study found that "marijuana and hemp are significantly differentiated at a genome-wide level," further confusing hemp's legal status.

David Hodes

· 4 min read

The Top 3 Most Common Hemp Test Fails

Every year, hemp farmers must destroy thousands of dollars in crops due to failed testing. Here's what they can do to prevent their losses.

Roger Brown

· 6 min read

Garrett Rudolph

· 15+ min read

CBD Is More Like Wine Than You Think

For both items, where and how they're grown makes a big difference.

Claire Jones

· 3 min read

Ways To Keep Your Hemp Flowers Fresh During Harvest Season

Don't let unpredictable conditions ruin your hemp, just follow these tips instead.

Green Market Report

· 5 min read

The DEA Was Just Hit With A Lawsuit Over A Controversial Hemp Rule

There are growing fears that hemp farmers are getting smothered by laws.

Willis Jacobson

· 3 min read

The DEA's New Interim Hemp Rule Has Left Many Companies Confused

There is concern that the agency is overstepping its authority and that Delta-8 THC should not be criminalized.

Henry Baskerville

· 5 min read

Why You Should Replace Your Cotton Face Mask With Hemp

Most natural fibers are at odds, and it is no different when considering cotton and hemp.

Vishal Vivek

· 5 min read

Hemp Farm Unveils 76-Acre Art Installation, And It's Breathtaking

Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc. is unveiling a 76-acre farm art installation as part of its "Trust The Earth" Campaign.

Javier Hasse

· 2 min read

As Mainstream Greenhouses Pivot To Hemp, Producers Talk Costs, Rewards

Hemp can get off to a stronger and faster start in farmers' fields if it's been properly germinated or rooted as young plants.

Laura Drotleff

· 6 min read