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Examples of Home Décor Business Ideas

If you love home décor then why not open your own business? Here are 10 examples of home décor business ideas you can gain insights and strategies from.

Nicole Crampton

· 9 min read

The Outlook for the Furniture and Home Decor Industry in 2019

People have moved from choosing traditional wooden furnishing to selecting eclectic home decor designed keeping in mind the comfort, luxury trends, spacing and other needs of the modern-day lifestyles

Nishant Gupta

· 4 min read

Atap.co Raises Funds from RHL Ventures

The Malaysia-based design marketplace will use the investment to solidify its presence in home country

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

This Couple Built a Company That Stops Painting From Being a Pain in the Can

Backdrop aims to take the mess and misery out of giving your home a fresh coat of paint.

Entrepreneur Staff

· 4 min read

Has the Online Furnishings Industry Been Able to Make a Home in India?

Urban India is looking at shopping for the home interior products online making way for home décor to become a popular segment in the e-commerce industry

Sanchita Dash

· 6 min read

#7 Social Media Marketing Tips for a Successful Home Decor Business

In home decor world, pictures of the creative visuals that go on social media offer more value than content

Vaibhav Jain

· 5 min read

How Home Decor E-marketplaces are Relying on Brick and Mortar Models for Revenue

While e-marketplaces always have great deals to offer, they face a major challenge in convincing customers about the quality

Sanchita Dash

· 4 min read

The Art of Recycling Old to Give New Lease of Life

Film reels and the negatives of cameras work amazingly to give a bygone era-like feel to the décor

Things To Look at Before Finalizing Your Interior Designer's Contract

The importance of architects and designers who can help you understand the abundant information available, and assist you to make informed decisions is unquestionable

Navneet Malhotra

· 5 min read

Five Things to Know For Starting Up in the Home Interiors Industry in India

Real Estate in India may be in a slump, but the people who buy houses like to do it up well.

Jawad Ayaz

· 4 min read

Ritu Kochar

· 6 min read