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An Indoor Beach and 4 Other Amazing and Unusual Home-Office Designs

Thinking of redoing your home office? You're definitely going to want to check out these off-the-wall ideas.

Adam Toren

· 4 min read

Working From Home? Avoid These Not-So-Obvious Distractions.

You need to structure your environment in such a way that you can maintain your focus on your work.

Adam Callinan

· 4 min read

5 Tax Mistakes that Startups Make

Get through tax time without a migraine or massive fines by avoiding these rookie tax blunders.

Polly Brewster

· 5 min read

How Working At Home Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Working at home seems like a great way to balance work and life. But it might have the opposite effect.

Lisa Evans

· 3 min read

Forget PJs, Dress Your Brand Even at Your Home Office

If you work from home, it's still important to wear clothes that reflect who you are and what you do for a living.

Jim Joseph

· 3 min read

Tu negocio inicia en casa

Crea procesos de trabajo para hacer de tu negocio desde el hogar una empresa que te genere utilidades y satisfacciones personales.

Ana Lorena Ruíz

· 7 min read

What to Know About Changes to the Home-Office Deduction

There are changes to how you can deduct the home space you use for your business. Here's what you need to know.

Barbara Weltman

· 4 min read

¡Dile adiós al trabajo aislado!

Claudia trabaja sola en la división de Subaru en el DF, pero con los servicios de Regus de oficina física recibe el apoyo que necesita.


· 3 min read

Sé más productivo con una oficina ya equipada

Las oficinas fisícas de Regus permiten no perder tiempo en la gestión administrativa y concentrarse en el negocio.


· 3 min read

Want to Make Your Startup Look Bigger? Tweak Your Phone System

When you're just starting up and you want to land top-tier clients, you'd be surprised how important a proper communications regimen can be.

Steve Cook

· 3 min read

Messy Office? 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Startup

When it comes to plowing as much time into your startup as possible, keeping your desk clean and organized can do wonders.

Matthew Toren

· 4 min read

¿Cuánto cuesta una oficina virtual?

Este servicio te permitirá disminuir considerablemente los costos operativos en tu empresa y darle valor agregado.


· 5 min read