Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

'Podríamos estar perdiendo el próximo Starbucks si no apoyamos a los pequeños negocios', advierte Howard Schultz

El empresario reunió a más de 100 líderes corporativos para presionar al gobierno de EU para crear un plan que beneficie a los emprendedores.

Howard Schultz Calls This Business Book Author His 'Mentor'

In an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur at SXSW, the former Starbucks CEO shares which author and organizational consultant influenced him.

'Success Is Not an Entitlement; You Have to Earn It Every Day,' Howard Schultz Says

The former Starbucks CEO shares his best advice for entrepreneurs in this exclusive Q&A.

No he dicho 'oficialmente' que seré candidato presidencial: Howard Schultz

El exCEO de Starbucks señaló en su participación en el SXSW quiere convencer al mundo de que no toda decisión de negocios debe ser económica.

Exclusive: Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Disputes the Polling on His Chances for Success at the Presidency

Entrepreneur spoke with Schultz at SXSW 2019 about the controversy surrounding his potential 2020 presidential bid and running as an independent.

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Their opposition to Howard Schultz's presidential ambitions is mostly due to concerns that his candidacy could help reelect Trump.
Howard Schultz

El ex CEO de Starbucks está considerando 'restaurar la dignidad y el honor a la Casa Blanca'

A Howard Schultz no le preocupan las críticas de la gente de que su potencial candidatura podría ayudar inadvertidamente al presidente Donald Trump a ganar la reelección.
Howard Schultz

Parece que va en serio: El fundador de Starbucks quiere ser el próximo presidente de EU

Howard Schultz podría lanzarse a la contienda presidencial de 2020 en Estados Unidos como candidato independiente.

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The coffee giant could fix its brand following Schultz's exit by taking just five steps.

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