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How To Leverage Virtual Recruitment Technology To Secure Top Graduate Talent

With many universities still running virtual courses due to the pandemic, recruiting companies will have to take an alternative approach with their hiring drives and go virtual

This Human Resource Management System Is Improving Japan's Labor Productivity

The system enables the management to make decisions based on centralized HR data with faces.

Hiring Trends in Startups in 2020

Here's how aware and qualified candidates are bringing more to the table than ever before

Disruptive HR: How People Practices are Changing the Business Landscape

Technological breakthroughs, demographic shifts, data and analytics are shaping the workforce. To manage these changes effectively requires HR to disrupt itself and reinvent its services

These HR Techs Are Making Employee Management Easier

AI, machine learning and cloud computing have made HR management much easier, quicker and efficient

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hr tech

How to Protect Privacy While Leveraging Data to Boost Employee Productivity

Organizations the world over have missed out on integrating data analytics tools into their HR processes, resulting in stunted talent management programs. However, the ecosystem is witnessing a transformation

How Companies are Using Hackathons to Hire, Train, and Engage Right Talent

Through hackathons, recruiters are replacing intimidating interviews with a competitive drill where candidates can show their skills in real-time
Technology Innovation

Here's How Consumerization of AI and VR Could Transform HR Management

Traditionally, tech was employed in automating HR processes and functions, often overlooking its end user – the employee. Things are set to change...
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HR Tech for Small Businesses in Dire need of Affordable Payroll Management

Business owners need to be practical and assess what are the low value activities that can be handled by technology
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This HR Tech Startup Wants To Enter Into Key International Markets to Fuel SMEs' Employment Mission

Australia-headquartered HR-tech startup, Employment Hero, has raised AUD$22 million in a Series C funding round, as it seeks to expand its offering in southeast asian countries, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland
Gig Economy

Navigating Gig Economy Through Adoption of Modern HR Tech

In the face of this new workforce gaining prominence, organisations would need to pace up their adoption of HR technology
hr tech

This Australian HR Startup Raises $22.5 million After 17 years of Bootstrapping

Humanforce wants to expand its operation in Asia, Europe and North America
Marketing Strategies

Your Startup Is Already Big Enough to Begin Using Marketing Automation

The time and money saved on certain tasks are vital for busy, resource-strapped startups. Here's why you should look at automation as a force-multipier for your marketing efforts.

This Indian College Dropout & His American Co-founder Have a Dream Together

The company counts Gary Vaynerchuk's Vayner Media as its top client
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#5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement with HR Tech

The advancing technology has defined new rules of engagement to enhance the productivity potential of employees.