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#8 Tips For Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs

"Do not spend too much time thinking about your idea, just start with any idea you have as it will keep evolving"

Vanita D'souza

· 4 min read

Ashish Aggarwal

· 4 min read

#5 Deadly Sins of a Start-up Mentor

Check these five signs for deadly advice, steer away from it and select the right mentor who can provide the growth you desire

Santosh Kanekar

· 5 min read

Want Inspiration For Your Next Big Idea? Turn Off Your Phone and Go Here.

In the first in a series of the most awe-inspiring destinations in America, our editor got lost in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Dan Bova

· 5 min read

How can You Keep Your Employees Happy at Work

With these eight tips, you can avoid creating a disgruntled workforce

Moritz Kothe

· 5 min read

Co-working: A cost-effective, New-age Concept of Networking

The industry is growing everyday as more people strike out on their own to freelance or open their own businesses

Priyanka Krishnan

· 5 min read

How to Sell an Idea to Your Boss (Infographic)

Check out these tips and tricks for pitching up the chain of command.

Rose Leadem

· 2 min read

Capturing Eyeballs of Investors With Ingenious Ideas

The start-ups were from a broad spectrum of sectors, including education, FMCG, retail, consultancy, technology and finance.

Sahiba Khan

· 3 min read

Use This Trick to Quickly Come Up With 10 Great Business Ideas

Gather everyone you know, and let the idea flow begin.

Steve Eakin

· 5 min read

Dos and Don'ts for Entrepreneurs Under 25

It's better to make mistakes and correct them with the feedback of 100 people, and not by blasting your brain just by yourself

Ashish Gurnani and Aashray Thatai

· 4 min read

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Movement

Entrepreneur Network partner Kelsey Humphreys sits down with the 'OolaGuys' to find out how other authors, coaches and speakers can turn their ideas into movements.

Kelsey Humphreys

· 9 min read

Bestselling Author Malcolm Gladwell on Why You Have to Take Your Curiosity Seriously

The thought leader also shares his advice for how to best communicate your vision.

Nina Zipkin

· 3 min read