Impact Investing

'Impact Investment Returns Are Similar to VC, So Why Not Give Back To Society'

A perfect scenario is when investments in start-ups give financial returns and have social impact too, according to Unitus Ventures' Vikas Sarda

Shreya Ganguly

How to Become an Exceptional and Impactful Speaker

One might have asked the question, but there are tens who are watching your response

Why Temasek is Interested in Making 'Impact Investments'

This Singapore-based investment firm has launched a separate private equity fund dedicated to impact investing in companies from South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China

Dipen Pradhan

Tips for an Entrepreneur: How to Build a High-Impact Team for a Successful Startup

Hire people who can get the Work done and not get bogged down with silos or role definitions

Are You Investing in The Right Hiring Solutions?

This is how an employer identify the right tools, technologies, recruitment consultants, staffing agencies to invest in

Karthik Prasad

Omnivore Partners' Managing Partner Shares Why Agri and Food Startups are the Next Big Thing

According to an Accenture report, the agriculture ecosystem has started to invest in digital technologies and these services market is expected to grow at CAGR of 12 per cent between 2014 and 2020 to reach USD 4.5 billion

Ritu Marya

Why You Should Make this Year Data-driven

A data-driven approach is the best one to keep the sail of businesses afloat. Here's how businesses can target their focus-audience and tell alluring stories by using data

In 6 years, Geeta Goel-led Dell has Invested $200 mn in India

Goel tells how investing has shifted in terms of new areas emerging in same field

Protect the Environment, Protect Your Business

If your company depends on abundant natural resources, supporting environmental causes is smart business -- but it's also so much more.