Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey Launch a Bitcoin Development Fund

It's starting in Africa and India, even though the latter plans to ban cryptocurrency.

S Dent

· 2 min read

B2B E-commerce In 2021: Accelerating Digital India

While B2C e-commerce will ensure accessibility to the last person standing, B2B e-commerce will enable manufacturers to ensure availability and affordability of goods by optimizing the supply chain

Rahul Garg

· 5 min read

Stride Ventures Leads INR 10 Cr Debt Round In Sequoia-backed Progcap

The startup will utilize these funds to increase its AUM and further consolidate its presence amongst retailers across the country

Debarghya Sil

· 2 min read

Is It Time for India's Own Green New Deal?

While India has already demonstrated remarkable national will through far-reaching sustainability focused policies, it is time to enact a catchall policy

Omer Basith

· 5 min read

Natural Nutritional Supplements: An Industry In Need Of Stronger Regulatory Enforcement

India has witnessed a magnificent upswing in the acceptance and usage of nutraceutical products as a viable option for maintaining health

Sushil Khaitan

· 3 min read

Role Of the IT Sector In Transforming India To a Digitally Enabled Country

India has been gradually adopting digital services in the last five years, but it took the fear unleashed by COVID-19 for its masses to go digital 'fast and furiously'

Sandeep Sekhar

· 4 min read

3 YouTube Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021

Dodging these potential mistakes can save you from shrinking your reach and help you shine as a video content creator

Mohit Mirchandani

· 3 min read

Ingenious Blockchain Solutions To Enterprises Through Smart Contracts

NEM Ecosystem, the indigenous smart connect network launches Symbol, a new chain that utilizes POI algorithm to provide innovative blockchain solutions

Jigar Agrawal

· 5 min read

COVID-19 Induces Digital Transformation of Traditional Retailers in India

As India sets foot into a market recovering from a global pandemic, the neighborhood stores have to make quick business decisions to maintain the momentum

Kumar Vembu

· 5 min read

Future Of Manufacturing In 2021

India has the potential to become the next global manufacturing hub

Sanjay Bhatia

· 4 min read

December Witnesses First Y-O-Y Growth In Vehicle Registrations In FY20-21

December registration witnessed a 11 per cent year-on-year growth due to festival spillover demand and pre-buying due to announcement of price hike in January 2021

Debarghya Sil

· 2 min read

Why Coal Will Continue To Be Integral To India's Overall Energy Mix

There are several impediments to making renewable energy a key component of a sustainable energy future and attaining stipulated renewable energy targets

Mahesh Singhi

· 5 min read