indian startups


Startups Bridging The Gap For Regional Food Delicacies In India

Players of the eCommerce industry have taken another improbable idea and is turning it into a marvelous industry.

Rising Above Discrimination

Milind Kamble is a perfect example of how sheer grit and determination can never stop you from charting your own course.
Amazon Loft

Amazon's Pop-up Lofts Are Going To Be The Next Big Thing In Town

These lofts will be the new open workplaces where you can hang out but also get expert advise on AWS cloud computing system.
Pet Businesses

Some Non-Human Apps For Your Non-Human Friend

Startups that will make sure you have a happy petting experience.
Social Entrepreneurs

Weaving In Change

How a former management consultant is making a difference in the lives of Bengal handloom artisans in Shantipur

4 Teething Problems Faced By Young Startups

Enroute this roller coaster ride, remember to have fun, celebrate small victories, and keep your sense of humour in tact.

Most Common Marketing Mistakes By Indian Startups

Startups have shown an innate affinity towards making a particular kind of mistakes in general.

What Made A Netherlands-Based Entrepreneur Invest In An Indian Farming Venture

For a social startup it is very important that local people are involved to build and execute the operation
Economy & Small Business

Can Startups Give Boost To Indian Economy?

Indigenous startups will act as a major booster for the development and the progress of the Indian economy.
Radicals & Visionaries

The Baba Who's Making Billions

"I have always lived by my own principles which I had set. I was clear what I wanted to do and what I didn't. "

Fresh Off The Boat: Acclimating To Life As An Indian Entrepreneur

In India, we are still learning to completely embrace the risk that comes with entrepreneurship.

"I Wasn't That Good at People Management"

Housejoy's founder shares his ups and downs on the learning curve of growth along his entrepreneurial journey

Indian Start-ups Must Invest in Regional languages

Survey reveals the importance of using regional languages for entrepreneurs in India
3D Technology

Can I Make In India?

For a while, let's keep the government's effort aside and talk a little from the perspective of individuals who seeks to understand their contribution to the revolution.
Success Stories

We Are Not Acquiring Revenue, We Are Acquiring Talented Technology"

A brush with a dreadful experience with customer service and a couple of start-up competitions helped Girish Mathrubootham and team curate the idea of forming Freshdesk – a cloud-based customer support platform.

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