indian startups

Government and Startup

"We Are Taking Innovation To All Over Karnataka" – Priyank Kharge

Know how Karnataka government is encouraging entrepreneurship in the state
Fighting Inequality

Inequality Is Rising. What Start-ups Can Do?

Start-ups are better placed to act, as by genesis, they challenge the traditional or status-quo.

Indian Startups: Are You Ready For Bot (Invisible Apps) Wave?

Chat bot simplifies the customer experience by utilizing natural language processing.
Independence Day

Let's Find Out What Indian Entrepreneurs Are Doing On This Independence Day

Take some time to appreciate India like these entrepreneurs.
Seed Funding

What A Startup Needs To Know Before Raising Seed Round Of Funding

"If somebody is bullish on a Zomato or a Flipkart or Ola, it shouldn't matter what the stock price is today."

Finally a Women's Safety App That Works Without Internet Even When the Phone Is Locked

This app is a must for women's safety in your smartphone right now!

The Fundamental Flaw in all Indian startups

Why has this not been worked out till now by virtually all Indian startups?

When The Movie Swades Came To Life In The Form Of A Startup

Leaving behind his high paid job, Abhishek Chakraborty founded a venture to educate rural masses of India.
News and Trends

Uttarakhand To Host India's First 'Women Entrepreneurs Park'

The park which will be spread over 200 acres will give an impetus to women, wanting to start-up.
SMS Marketing

Here's why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Worst Idea Ever

Why is it so hard for startups to understand SMSs are obsolete technology?

From Farming To Smart-Tech Solution

Know how this entrepreneur came up with a perfect solution for farmers in this tech-savvy era of agriculture.
Global Expansion

3 Reasons Why Indian Startups Are Poised To Take Over Global Market

Entrepreneurship is seen as a pivotal link to propelling India into a global innovation hub and economic leader in the near term.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems

India And The Startup Dynamics

This digital revolution in India is ushered in by entrepreneurship which has impacted everyone from a local grocer to a well-established businessman.

What's Pulling Investors To Enterprise Focused Startups

Encouraged by the success and evolution of cheer leaders like Freshdesk, entrepreneurs are also seen to be investing their time and talent into this space.
Skill Development

Building A Country Of Entrepreneurs

A platform that will bring youth, industries, and educators together, and teach them to work on their skills.

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