8 Content Marketing Ideas to Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Content marketing strategy remains uniquely powerful for engaging new prospects and keeping customers - even in the midst of economic turmoil.

John Boitnott

· 5 min read

¿Instagram puede usar la cámara de tu celular para monitorear tus reacciones? Esto dicen las políticas de la app

En redes sociales corre el rumor de que la aplicación podrá abrir tu cámara para ver cómo reaccionas a las publicaciones. Pero antes de darle 'desinstalar', checa qué dice realmente su política de privacidad.

Mairem Del Río

· 7 min read

Can Instagram Use Your Cell Phone Camera to Monitor Your Reactions? This Is What the App's Policies Say

Rumor has it on social media that the app can open your camera to see how you react to posts. But before hitting 'uninstall', check what its privacy policy actually says.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 6 min read

How This 18-Year-Old High School Student Built a 6-Figure Social Media Consulting Business

Joey Ruben breaks down turning Instagram and TikTok into powerful revenue streams.

Dan Bova

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Load Up Your Sales Funnel With Leads for 2021 With These Actionable Tips

2020 has been tough on everyone, but these sales strategies will help you end the year strong.

JC Hite

· 6 min read

Social Media And the Woman Entrepreneur

There has also been a promising increase in the number of women entrepreneurs that are stepping out into the spotlight, especially small home-grown businesses, many of which have flourished despite the pandemic. Much of this expansion can be credited to social media

Malini Agarwal

· 4 min read

How Social Media Is Changing Technology

Computer programmers are incorporating social media networking into their software programs. There are also cases where social media influences which software programs get developed in the first place

Prabhjeet Bhatla

· 6 min read

3 Ways Social Media Is Feeding Positivity Amidst A Pandemic

Brand Experts Josh Heller and Sherri Nourse explore ways social media has provided positivity during the pandemic

Julian Lim

· 3 min read

FTC, State Prosecutors Seek to Break Up Facebook for 'Anticompetitive Conduct'

The FTC and a coalition of attorneys general argue that Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp to stop them from leapfrogging Facebook. But Facebook says the legal action is "revisionist history."

Michael Kan

· 3 min read

This AI-Powered Growth Tools Helps In Getting Instagram Followers

Instagram following is key to building an impactful business or brand in 2020 and beyond and SocialMeep offerings can help you achieve that

Entrepreneur Staff

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3 Organic Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Thrive During the Pandemic

If committed to creativity and consistency, these three organic Instagram marketing strategies will help any business thrive during and beyond the pandemic.

Colton Bollinger

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