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5 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Plan

These strategies can help increase your reach -- and revenue.

Kim Lachance Shandrow

· 5 min read

Compras millonarias de startups en social media

Facebook adquirió Threadsy, analista de redes sociales; hace un mes Google compró Wildfire. ¿A qué se debe el interés en estas startups?

John Shinal

· 5 min read

Facebook compra es la principal plataforma de reconocimiento facial digital en fotografías y videos.


· 2 min read

A New Reason to Buy an Existing Online Business

Like Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, buying an existing web business can supply top talent and product innovations. It can also provide customers and that vital social-media presence on day one.

Matthew Toren

· 5 min read

A VC Reflects on Instagram, the Dot-Com Bust and What It All Means for Hungry Startups

Rapid growth and its founders' ability to take the lion's market share are big factors in determining whether a start-up will get the attention of VC firms.

Peter S. Cohan

Why Instagram Won't Be the Last Startup Facebook Buys Before Its IPO

The big social network is on the hunt for small companies that can strengthen its hold on the social media market.

Jason Fell

Facebook's Instagram Buy to Kick Off Venture Capital Feeding Frenzy

The young startup has a small staff and no revenue, but Facebook's decision to buy is not just a blind gamble. Other venture capital firms will be looking to invest in similar companies.

Peter S. Cohan

Instagram Dreams? Wake Up. VCs Still Want to See the Money

With so many startups trying to follow in Facebook's -- and now Instagram's -- footsteps, they're forgetting one very important element: money.

Diana Ransom

How Instagram Went From Idea to $1 Billion in Less Than Two Years

Here's a quick history of the meteoric rise of the popular file-sharing app, which is being acquired by Facebook despite its absence of revenue.

Jason Fell

Instagram Founders Agree to Facebook Buyout

The popular photo sharing app will likely be acquired for $1 billion, reports say.

Jason Fell