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Israel Passes Germany As World's Largest Importer Of Medical Cannabis

As of July, Israeli imports surpassed 6 metric tons, overtaking Germany as the No. 1 importer of medical cannabis flower in the world so far this year.

Alfredo Pascual

This Is The First Country In The Arab Nation To Legalize Cannabis

Lebanon is officially the first country in the populous Arab region to legalize cannabis. Lebanese leadership hopes exporting medical marijuana can revive its struggling economy.

Countries Around the World Make Moves to Decriminalize Cannabis

As the U.S. votes to legalize state-by-state, many other countries are dismantling old, national laws around marijuana use.

Brexit Bummer: Brits Banned From Amsterdam's Cannabis Coffee Shops

Authorities are considering placing portable urinals alongside passport queues to drug test Brits when they enter and leave the EU.

Brendan Bures

WHO Cannabis Rescheduling Recommendations Are Too Little for Some

The proposal would be great progress for medical marijuana and CBD but does much less for those who think adults can make their own choices about recreational cannabis.

The Cannabis Industry Is Going Global Without Waiting for America to Legalize

Legal cannabis market is already at least a $10 billion market now but legalization takes hold worldwide experts see a potential $80 billion global market.

Marijuana Industry Braces for Shock of Trump's Trade War With China

Virtually all the vaporizers sold in the US are made in China but the effect will be more far ranging that just vaporizers.