Jack Ma

Jack Ma

Este es el coeficiente del amor (según el hombre más rico de China)

Jack Ma, fundador y presidente ejecutivo de Alibaba, habló en Davos sobre los desafíos que enfrenta el planeta.
Jack Ma

20 cosas rarísimas que hemos aprendido sobre Jack Ma

Desde ser secuestrado hasta vestirse como Michael Jackson, el multimillonario fundador de Alibaba tiene muchas historias increíbles que contar.
Jack Ma

22 Crazy Things We've Learned About Alibaba Billionaire Jack Ma

From getting kidnapped to dressing up as Michael Jackson, the Alibaba founder has a lot of wacky stories to tell.
Brain Break

El multimillonario chino que bailó como Michael Jackson

No creerás cómo festejó Jack Ma los primeros 18 años de su gigante Alibaba.

How this #1 Global Conglomerate Is Engulfing Indian Market

Indian e-commerce industry is brimming with confidence over its new- found popularity and this group's decision to enter the sector will surely reap benefits for Paytm
Jack Ma

Cómo Jack Ma ganó 2,800 millones de dólares en una sola noche

El fundador de Alibaba es la 14ª. persona más rica del mundo con una fortuna personal que alcanza los 41.8 mil mdd.

Fan Of Technology? These 3 Innovation Leaders Caution Against It

Stephen Hawking recently claimed that artificial intelligence could bring human demise as machines rise up and overtake us in the evolutionary race.

Cómo Jack Ma superó sus 7 fracasos

El hombre más rico de China fue rechazado de 30 empleos, pero como su héroe Forrest Gump, siguió "corriendo".

Machines Should Only Do What Humans Cannot: Jack Ma

Ma said people needed to be re-skilled and the education system should be made industry-oriented.
Jack Ma

How Jack Ma Overcame His 7 Biggest Failures

Ma, one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, seems proudest that he was happy with little and able to overcame much.

Jack Ma: Lawsuits and Probes Help Alibaba To Be Better Understood

Questions about Alibaba's growth rate and its relations with affiliated companies have dogged the firm for years.

Are Fakes "Better Quality & Price" than Originals? Jack Ma from Alibaba Thinks so

When one of the largest eCommerce giants admits counterfeits may be even better as originals, what happens next?

Alibaba's Jack Ma Cancels Speech After Row With Anti-Counterfeiting Group

The ecommerce company has been dogged for years by accusations that its online shopping platforms were conduits for counterfeiters and critics say it has not done nearly enough to stop the problem.
Clean Energy

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos Team Up to Invest in Clean Tech

Some of the world's richest entrepreneurs are pledging billions of dollars to invest in clean energy technologies.