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Amazon Just Launched a Major Video Game, But It Looks to Already Be a Major Flop

Despite being free-to-play and available on the world's largest gaming platform, Steam, 'Crucible' has already come and gone from the top 100 charts.

Jeff Bezos podría convertirse en el primer billonario del mundo

Si la fortuna del fundador de Amazon sigue creciendo en el mismo ritmo, para 2026 será el primer trillonario (billonario) del mundo.

En plena emergencia sanitaria Jeff Bezos gana 6,400 millones de dólares

Amazon se encuentra en uno de sus mejores momentos por el repunte que han tenido las compras en línea.

Coronavirus: Amazon Steps Up Efforts As Demand Surges

In a statement, CEO Jeff Bezos said the company was hiring for 100,000 new roles as well as raising wages of hourly workers who are working at this crucial time to help fulfill orders and deliver to customers.

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Need A Dose Of Inspiration? These Quotes From 10 Of The World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs Can Help

Whether it's through someone they've met, or through a book they read, inspiration can, for most of us at least, help lay a roadmap to success.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos dará 10 mil millones de su fortuna para el cambio climático

El hombre más rico del mundo anunció que invertirá este dinero para la preservación del espacio natural.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion to Combat Climate Change

The Bezos Earth Fund will start giving out grants this summer.

The Most Unusual, Extravagant Ways Tech Execs Like Elon Musk and Larry Ellison Have Spent Their Money

Elon Musk bought the submarine car from 'The Spy Who Loved Me,' while Jeff Bezos dredged pieces of the Apollo 12 engine from the bottom of the Atlantic.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos se compromete un año después de su divorcio

Todo parece indicar que "el hombre más rico del mundo" le pidió matrimonio a su actual novia Lauren Sánchez.

Jeff Bezos and Lizzo Hung Out During the Super Bowl

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Lizzo were two of the many celebrities who traveled to Miami to watch Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night.
Jeff Bezos

En tan solo 15 minutos Jeff Bezos agregó más de 13 mil millones de dólares a su fortuna

El magnate estadounidense es dueño del 12% de las acciones de circulación de Amazon y esto representa la mayor parte de su patrimonio.

Amazon Staffers Risk Jobs to Call Out Its Climate Change Policies

The company has been warning employees they can face termination if they continue to publicly criticize Amazon for taking insufficient action to tackle climate change. In response, more than 350 employees are arguing the company is trying to censor their views.
Jeff Bezos

El coronavirus destrona a Bernard Arnault y le regresa el título del hombre más rico del mundo a Jeff Bezos

Las acciones del empresario francés disminuyeron en 3,700 millones y se ubicaron en 112,900 millones de dólares.

Hacking of Jeff Bezos' Phone is Tied to Saudi Prince, Reports 'The Financial Times'

The stunning allegation reportedly comes from a forensic analysis Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos commissioned to determine the culprit behind the hack, which resulted in his private photos ending up in the hands of the 'National Enquirer.'