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Amazon llega a los lectores mexicanos

El gigante del e-commerce venderá su gadget Kindle en el país y ofrecerá un catálogo de 70,000 e-books en español.

8 startups de medios que Bezos pudo comprar

Estas innovadoras empresas podrían haber sido más interesantes para el fundador de Amazon que The Washington Post.

6 Business Moguls With Seriously Expensive Side Projects

From newspapers to mega yachts, here's a look at what entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen spend their millions on.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Just Bought The Washington Post

Agreement is for Bezos to pay $250 million in cash and will be the paper's sole owner.

How Tech's Richest People Spend Their Vacations

Millionaires and billionaires vacation a little differently from the rest of us. Take a look at these ridiculous summer properties.
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Jeff Bezos

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