'Eau de Space,' el nuevo perfume creado por la NASA para que huelas como el espacio exterior

A través de una campaña para recaudar fondos, los organizadores del proyecto de desarrollo del perfume han conseguido 300 mil dólares.

Kickstarter's Live Project Count Is Down 35 Percent From Last Year

Layoffs are planned as crowdfunding takes a serious blow.

Jon Fingas

Perpetrators of Crowdfunding Fraud Can't Hide From The Law Forever

For years, crowdfunding has been a bit like the Wild West of finance. But as the industry continues to grow, state and federal authorities are catching up to abusers of the system.

A Childhood Memory Helped This Founder Find Her Passion

Marissa Louie, CEO of stuffed animal company Animoodles, found her path thanks to a cherished toy that belonged to her late sister.

Marissa Louie

Beyond Kickstarter: 10 Niche Crowdfunding Platforms for Startups

If your company fits one of the niches that has its own crowdfunding sites, it's worth considering using a specialized platform.

Carol Tice

How to Raise a Million Dollars on Kickstarter

Two entrepreneurs share how they raised more than a million dollars online.

Study Details Why Women Entrepreneurs Have Greater Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding has none of the barriers to success that often thwart women entrepreneurs pitching VC and angel investors.

The Data Reveals These 3 Fundamentals for Crowdfunding Success

To achieve your crowdfunding goal, think of it as incentive marketing rather than pitching investors.

Sarah Austin

Esta startup te salva de la lluvia sorpresiva

Daniel Raich y Jacobo Motola diseñaron un impermeable desechable del tamaño de una tarjeta de crédito que puede llevarse en la cartera. Actualmente, se encuentran levantando una campaña de fondeo colectivo en Kickstarter.