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Line Company Wants To Help Kuwait's Entrepreneurs From Set-Up To Launch

Seeking to support Kuwait's aspiring entrepreneurs from start to launch stage, the company's services include branding, digital marketing, web and application development, and more.

Pamella de Leon

· 5 min read

Kuwait's Holistic Development And Consulting Helps Entrepreneurs Understand Risk Management

The startup aims to help entrepreneurs to be aware of the importance of risk management and how investment decisions should be assessed.

Pamella de Leon

· 6 min read

Kuwait's Nuqat Is On A Mission To Foster A Collaborative Community To Overcome Social Challenges

Conceived in 2009, the platform aims to empower its collaborative community to overcome social challenges through creative and critical thinking.

Pamella de Leon

· 4 min read

Kuwait's On-Demand Car Wash App Offers Convenience to Customers

Ghaseel, Kuwait's biggest on-demand car wash app, allows its users to get their car washed and have detailing services done anytime and anywhere.

Junaid Seraj

· 7 min read

Time For Coffee? There's An App For That, Says COFE Founder Ali Al Ebrahim

COFE is a coffee-centric marketplace app conceptualized in Kuwait, and developed in Silicon Valley for coffee communities around the world.

Junaid Seraj

· 7 min read

Good Things Come In Threes: JustClean's Management Talk Running A Scalable Business

JustClean co-founders Athbi Al-Enezi and Nouri Al-Enezi, and CEO Mohammad Jaffar talk about running a scalable business.

Aby Sam Thomas

· 15+ min read

Driving Opportunity: Three Recommendations To Help Spur Entrepreneurship In Kuwait

By drawing on lessons learned from other "clusters of innovation" such as those in smaller European countries or Singapore, we found that Kuwait has an opportunity to be strategically focused on areas of local strength.

Jared Willis

· 5 min read

Talent First: Arabic Karaoke App Ghinwa Helps MENA's Singers Unleash Their Full Potential Online

The best ideas hit you at the most unlikely of places- that's how the trope goes, and that's exactly how Kuwaiti entrepreneur Mohammad Almunaikh describes the genesis of his startup, Ghinwa.

Sindhu Hariharan

· 10 min read

A Cultural Shift: Changes In Kuwait's Entrepreneurship Discourse As Seen At Nuqat's Human Capital Forum

Kuwaiti entrepreneurs are ready to embrace the trial and error phase tied to any entrepreneurial and creative endeavor, as opposed to being afraid of failure.

Tamara Pupic

· 13 min read

The Connoisseur: Gastronomica Founder And CEO Basil Al Salem

Basil Al Salem, founder and CEO of Kuwait-based hospitality group Gastronomica says he can't pick a favorite from the varied dining concepts in his portfolio, but admits that his business came into being thanks to his particular love for "quality" burgers.

Sindhu Hariharan

· 11 min read

Digitizing Payments: Kuwait's Ajar Online Gears Up To Take Its Platform To The Rest Of The GCC

As anyone in the GCC can attest, paying rent in this region can often be a strenuous task for both landlords and tenants. Ajar Online is a platform offering a seamless and hassle-free way to digitize rent payment and collection.

Pamella de Leon

· 7 min read

Kuwait Entrepreneurs, Save The Date For ArabNet Kuwait 2017

With a call to Kuwait's entrepreneurs to come together to "Digitize Kuwait," ArabNet is set to kick off the second edition of ArabNet Kuwait conference on October 17-18, 2017 at Arraya Ballroom in Kuwait.

Entrepreneur Middle East Staff

· 5 min read