Legal Marijuana

More Red States Are Going Wild For Weed

They're finally seeing the green - literally.

Tom Gaffey

Some New Jersey and New York Towns Want to Opt Out of Selling Cannabis. That's a Mistake.

Four worthwhile benefits to permitting legal cannabis sales in your municipality.

Evan Nison

Legal Cannabis Is One Reason Home Prices Are Soaring Right Now

A new report suggests having accessible weed can add to your property value.

Dana Smith

North Carolina General Assembly Approves Medical Marijuana Use

The near-unanimous vote is seen as historic and sets up a state network for supply and distribution.

Maureen Meehan

You Can Now Grow and Possess Weed in New Mexico

But purchasing and selling cannabis for adult use will not be legal until at least 2022.

Where Are People Searching For Cannabis the Most?

Cities and states where weed isn't legal are definitely leading the pack.

Julie Aitcheson

New Jersey Passes Bill to Lower Medical Cannabis Costs

Financial support will be available for children, seniors, and crime victims in need of treatment.

Nina Zdinjak

New York Bans Delta-8 THC

It's the latest state to prohibit the controversial compound.

MJBiz Daily

When Will Adult-Use Cannabis Be Sold In New York?

The first harvest could make its way into licensed retail stores and allow for the first adult-use cannabis sales to occur in September 2022.

Daniel Shortt

Weed Is Legal Almost Everywhere, but Law Enforcement Continues to Crack Down

Most of the 5,000 marijuana-related arrests from last year probably won't end in a prison sentence. Some won't even lead to a conviction.

Mike Adams