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California's New Cannabis Terroir Laws Are A Major Win For Legacy Growers

A new state law restricts use of artificial lights, shelters or any other form of temperature or climate control.

Andrew Ward

· 5 min read

Mexico's Cannabis Legalization Addresses Several National Woes, While Creating Opportunity

Many projections expect Mexico to be the most lucrative legalized market.

Andrew Ward

· 4 min read

Fuhgettaboutit! New Jersey Legalizes Weed

The Garden State votes to open up its gardens to adult-use marijuana.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 1 min read

What You Need To Know About The Possible Historic U.N. Vote On Cannabis

The vote casts a decision on a series of recommendations for THC and CBD products, including pharmaceutical cannabis products.

Andrew Ward

· 4 min read

Mexico's Senate To Vote On Legalizing Marijuana By The End Of October

Could America's southwest neighbors become the next country to legalize cannabis?

Weedmaps News

· 5 min read

Cannabis Decriminalization Is The Short-Term Relief Entrepreneurs Need

How a shift in federal laws could benefit entrepreneurs, according to the partner at Goodwin's cannabis and white collar practice.

Anthony Noto

· 5 min read

Some Cannabis Investors Are Optimistic About the 2020 Election.

Investors in the weed industry are hopeful that the November election serves as a catalyst for federal U.S. legalization.

Wayne Duggan

· 3 min read

Brendan Bures

· 3 min read

If Reducing Harm To Society Is The Goal, A Cost-Benefit Analysis Shows Cannabis Prohibition Has Failed

Evidence from five wasted decades of the war on cannabis shows prohibition isn't the way to go.

Alexander Gillespie

· 5 min read

A Surprisingly Large Amount Of DC Voters Support Plant Medicine Decriminalization

A poll by the Campaign to Decriminalize Nature DC show 60 percent of DC voters support Initiative 81, the "Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020," which aims to decriminalize plant and fungi medicines.

Lucid News

· 3 min read

Could Donald Trump Tease Legalizing Pot To Help Him Win Re-Election?

One attorney believes the current Commander-in-chief could use the idea of legal marijuana to help him stay in the White House.

Willis Jacobson

· 5 min read

When Looking To Raise Money For Your Cannabis Startup, Here's How To Be Successful

Raising money for any new business is difficult, but it's even harder in the cannabis industry.

Noah Miller

· 5 min read