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A Delayed U.S. House Vote Likely Won't Derail Momentum Of Marijuana Reform

With COVID-19 relief and budget negotiations ongoing, the plan to vote on the MORE Act prior to November's election was scrapped.

Jeff Smith

· 6 min read

Houston's Forensic Science Center Develops Test To Differentiate Marijuana From Hemp

Law enforcement is finally equipped to tell illicit cannabis from legal hemp.

Luca Marani

· 2 min read

New Study Finds That Legalizing Pot Might Not Be A Quick Fix For State Budget Woes

The pandemic has crippled state budgets, but legalizing pot may not be the way to dig out of the hole, per an Anderson Economic Group study.

Anthony Noto

· 4 min read

You Can Learn A Lot From Neko Catanzaro, The Woman Behind Some Of Arizona's Top Weed Brands

Recently promoted to President of Proven Media, one of the Arizona's leading cannabis PR firms, the industry pro brings a wealth of experience.

Mary Staff

· 3 min read

The 'Green Rush' In North America Is Leading To A Serious Boom In Farmland

More and more farmers are trying to jump into the hemp and marijuana business as industry sales continue to grow.

Marijuana Retail Report

· 2 min read

Is The Federal Vote On Legalized Marijuana Actually Meaningless?

Some say the vote is historic, but it may be just more hot air from lifelong politicians.

Marijuana Retail Report

· 7 min read

Legal Weed Prices Don't Need To Be Slashed In Order To Compete With Illicit Market

There are other ways to buy legitimate marijuana without making it mega cheap.

Omar Sacirbey

· 2 min read

If You're Growing Pot At Home, These Are The Growing Systems You Need Most

For all you marijuana DIYers, these products are the way to go.

Lindsay MaHarry

· 6 min read

Changing Weed Laws Are Making Lawyers Adapt On The Fly

Attorneys in most states still lack assurances that aiding federally illegal marijuana businesses won't cost them their license.

Katy Young

· 6 min read

3 Keys to Picking the Right PR Partner for Your Cannabis Business

The secret to choosing the best firm is in the questions you ask.

Mike Mejer

· 6 min read

5 Ways Cannabis Leaders Profit From Public Relations

Tell your brand's story the way you intended from the moment you created it.

Mike Mejer

· 6 min read

Cannabis Legalization Brings 'Radical Transformation' - Q&A With Steven Hawkins

Marijuana Policy Project's Steven Hawkins, who has held senior roles at Amnesty International and the NAACP, emphasizes legalization as a "civil rights issue."


· 11 min read