Medical Flower Now Allowed In New York

New York's Cannabis Control Board is making up for the lost time.

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Will Florida Finally Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis in 2022?

Petitions have been filed, now the real work begins.


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Why New York Is Poised to Become the New Cannabis Capital

A senator-led 'nation-leading' summit is just the start.

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Governor Hochul Wastes No Time In Appointing N.Y. Cannabis Control Board Members

Former Brooklyn assemblywoman Tremaine Wright selected to lead agencies that will regulate cannabis sales.

Racial Disparities Are Still An Issue In States With Legalized Cannabis

Even with decriminalization bills, Black people are getting arrested at higher rates than white people.

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Maryland Plans Recreational Cannabis Vote in 2022 Elections

The impact of wrongful criminal justice has convinced lawmakers to allow voters to weigh in.

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After Years of Legalized Medical Use, Ohio Gets Its First Recreational Marijuana Bill

There are challenges ahead, but it's a brand new chapter for the Buckeye State.

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