Buy Now, Pay Later Is Everywhere. Should You Opt In?

If there was any doubt that the rapidly expanding buy now, pay later industry is here to stay, new developments have put that question to bed. In recent months, the…

Jackie Veling

The FAFSA, Your Ticket to Help Pay for College, Just Opened

October marks the open date for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA — and college-bound students should submit the application as soon as possible. Completing the FAFSA…

Colin Beresford

Parents With Student Debt Want A Do-Over

Many parents who took on student debt for their kids regret the decision: Nearly 1 in 3 parents (30%) with federal parent PLUS loans say if they could do it…

Anna Helhoski

Pay for Your Kid’s College? 3 Times to Think Twice

The debate over student loan debt often neglects a significant group: parents. About 1 in every 3 dollars the federal government lent for undergraduat...

Cecilia Clark

How to recognize a fraud of an app that lends money?

There is a new pandemic, but this is financial: Internet loans, apps and scams.

You Can Get Free Money for College — and Help Finding It

If you’re considering going to college this fall — or next — there is one way to ensure you’re considered for as much free money as possible: by submi...

Colin Beresford

4 Common Debt Consolidation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve amassed multiple forms of debt, like credit cards, medical bills or personal loans, you might be considering consolidating. Debt consolidati...

Jackie Veling

U.S. Discharges Student Debt for Disability; Broad $10K Lags

The Department of Education announced Aug. 19 that it would automatically discharge federal student loans for 323,000 borrowers who qualify as totally...

Colin Beresford

So You Want Your PPP Loan Forgiven? Make Sure You Submit This Application

The clock is ticking if your business is looking to get forgiveness on its PPP loans.

Ken So

5 tips to avoid asking for a loan before going back to school

For this return to school, families will spend more than 5,000 pesos for each girl and boy in the purchase of uniforms, backpack, shoes, tennis, school supplies and sanitizing material.

Wells Fargo Won’t Close Personal Lines of Credit After All

A month after Wells Fargo made news for its decision to close customers’ existing personal lines of credit, the bank has changed course and will leave...

Annie Millerbernd

$20K or More to Expand Your Family? How to Pay for Adoption

Sarah Bailey’s adoption experience began in 2013 when she connected with an adoption placement agency and paid fees for a parental class and to advert...

Chanell Alexander