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PPP Paid Over 4,000 Businesses Twice, Government Watchdog Says -- and They'll Have to Pay It Back

Between April and August 2020, 8,731 PPP loans were duplicates, totaling about $692 million.

Ayelet Sheffey

Applying For an Instant Loan? Here's What You Should Know

The list of things to crosscheck entails ROI, processing fee, and other miscellaneous fees such as legal and documentation charges

Abhishek Soni

Rising To The Occasion: Dubai-Headquartered Startup Rise Is Shaking Up The Financial Services Sector

Co-founded by Padmini Gupta and Milind Singh, this fintech startup is on a mission to reimagine financial services provided to the immigrant population.

These Credit Repair Specialists Tell 3 Steps To Repair Your Credit Score

Credit repair specialists Michael Chancellor and Alex Miller are here to help you rebuild your credit score

Mohit Mirchandani

Demand for Retail Credit Rebounds, But Supply Declines, Shows Cibil Data

A report by credit bureau CIBIL suggests that fall in origination volume can be attributed to decline in both consumer demand as well as lender risk appetite as data shows that credit liquidity is not a challenge for lenders

Shipra Singh

New Stimulus Bill Includes Second Round of PPP Loans for Small Business and Forgiveness Rule Changes Favorable to Borrowers

Congress finally passed further Covid relief, and it potentially bodes well for a range of small businesses.

Mat Sorensen

Importance Of SME Insurance For Entrepreneurs

Insurance does more than mitigate loss, and it is high time we realize its necessity

Vivek Chaturvedi

Joel Osteen's Church Received More Than $4 Million In PPP Loans

Backlash ensues over celebrity pastor's substantial government assist.

Kenny Herzog

Things To Consider When Applying For a Home Loan

Home loans comprise an integral part of the home building or buying experience and multiple factors determine your eligibility

Saurabh Garg

New Normal: Financial Institutions Look For Technology To Revamp Loan Collections

With dynamics changing, the ongoing pandemic has also impacted financial institutions, pushing them to relook processes and innovate for the new normal

This Fintech Company Has Made Profit Each Day Since its Inception

Raj Khosla, founder and MD of MyMoneyMantra (MMM) in an interview with Entrepreneur Media gets candid about why scaling a company on the back of investor's money without making profits is not the right way

Shipra Singh

When Are Personal Loans a Good Idea?

For individuals who need instant cash, it has emerged as a source of quick financing