Post Pandemic, Shift To Remote Collaboration Will Be an Enduring Change

The two main disruptions have been about change in technology and handling of talent

Shivang Saxena

· 2 min read

Top Supply Chain And Logistics Technology Trends In 2021

The role of technology in the logistics and supply chain industry has evolved drastically over the years and is pivotal to its growth

Saahil Goel

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Here's What the Logistics Sector Expects From the Union Budget

The logistics sector was praised for its undeterred spirit during the lockdown

Debarghya Sil

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8 Logistics Tricks To Be Competitive

Find out how to reduce costs, improve quality and increase your productivity through proper supply chain management.

Entrepreneur en Español

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How E-Commerce Is Penetrating the Luxury Market

Leading jeweler Ori Vechler and e-commerce expert Raymond Scott Jr. explain how the online shopping revolution is starting to transform the luxury goods industry

Srivatsa KR

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Standing Tall: How Dubai's Logistics Industry Got Through The COVID-19 Crisis

It's been interesting to see how both corporate players and small businesses in the logistics domain have found ways to cope with the current environment- while also tapping into the opportunities.

Pamella de Leon

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Shifting Home During COVID Times? Here's What You Should Know

Even as millions across the country get used to the work from home trend, the need for a more comfortable home relocation is growing in demand

Anjani Kumar Agarwal

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Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility: Challenges, Opportunities and Benefits

Modern-day supply chains are complex and expansive, thanks to diverse supplier networks, customers peppered across the globe, varying compliance requirements, and logistical challenges

John Stanly

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COVID-19 Vaccination: The Logistical Challenge

Here are the challenges and factors that will help transform the Indian Logistic and cold supply chain

Aditya Vazirani

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The challenges for eLogistics that 2020 left in LATAM

While the pandemic halted some business operations, e-commerce soared in amounts unthinkable before 2020, representing a great opportunity for electronic logistics.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 4 min read

The Aftermath Of COVID-19: Future Of Logistics Reimagined With AI

With the waves of disruption slowly settling, logistics firms are now actively on the hunt for creative ways to optimize their operations

Uday Sharma

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5 Ways Poor Logistics Services Can Impact Online Business

Businesses must remember that it was in the traditional days when all the customers truly paid attention to was the product. However, today, your target audience is looking for more in the form of value-added services

Saahil Goel

· 4 min read