Walmart Feuds With Kanye West Over Yeezy Logo, Claims It'll Lead to Confusion

The retail giant says his apparel brand's prospective new design is too similar to its 13-year-old logo.

Justin Chan

Amazon cambió su logo dos veces en el último mes, ¿por culpa de Hitler?

Al parecer, Amazon no contó con que las redes sociales pueden ser un caldo de cultivo para manipulaciones dañinas.

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La marca Aunt Jemima cambia de nombre por primera vez en un siglo

La línea de productos fue acusada de promover estereotipos raciales.

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Why Facebook Changed Its Branding

In the back of several recent controversies surrounding the company, the social networking giant introduced new logos to distinguish between the company and the app, and aims to make it clearer to customers about the various Facebook-owned products they use.

Debroop Roy

¿Qué es un logo? Básicamente el corazón que late por tu marca, sólo eso

El logo principal puede que sea uno de los materiales más subestimados de cualquier marca.

Jim Joseph

This Banana Chip Company Saw Early Online Success, But Soon Realized Its Branding Wasn't Ready for Retail

Bubba's Fine Foods originally sported a bearded man on its packaging, but have since switched to a more appealing monkey in a fedora.