Starting a Business

Interested in Starting a New Business? 8 Helpful Tips on How to Begin

Taking a long-term view and breaking up projects into manageable tasks are key.

This End-to-End Design Service for Entrepreneurs Doesn't Cost a Fortune

Create great, custom designs without breaking the bank.

Why Facebook Changed Its Branding

In the back of several recent controversies surrounding the company, the social networking giant introduced new logos to distinguish between the company and the app, and aims to make it clearer to customers about the various Facebook-owned products they use.

¿Qué es un logo? Básicamente el corazón que late por tu marca, sólo eso

El logo principal puede que sea uno de los materiales más subestimados de cualquier marca.

This Banana Chip Company Saw Early Online Success, But Soon Realized Its Branding Wasn't Ready for Retail

Bubba's Fine Foods originally sported a bearded man on its packaging, but have since switched to a more appealing monkey in a fedora.

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Estrategias de marketing

5 preguntas para elegir el color de tu marca

Antes de escoger el color de tu producto, toma en cuenta el mensaje que quieres dar para crear una buena campaña de marketing.

¿Por qué algunos logos son inolvidables?

Crear un logotipo es una de las decisiones de branding más importantes. Estos son algunos cambios de grandes marcas.

Cómo crear un buen logo para tu empresa

El primer paso hacia un logo impresionante es una idea.
Logos are original symbols or images that represents brands. Logos are an essential part of establishing recognition for a company's brand and differentiating it from other businesses, and is typically protected by a trademark, copyright or both. Logos should be carefully constructed to best represent the key value proposition of a business, as a company's logo plays a large part in communicating its values to customers.