Machine Learning


This Entrepreneur Uses Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning to Achieve Efficiency

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj created an AI-driven technology, JJAIBOT, which is capable of detecting human emotions such as anger, happiness and joy, and here is what start-ups can learn from it

How ML-Driven Early Warning Systems Help Lenders Monitor MSMEs

The technology itself has evolved over the past decade to cater to the processing of structured and unstructured data at scale by leveraging ML-driven technology

This Hyperlocal AI Startup Is Providing Advanced Mapping Solutions For Enterprises To Target Emerging Markets

Nextbillionai in June raised $7 million in a Series A round co-led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Falcon Edge Capital

Espera, ¿el nuevo wearable de Amazon necesita verme en calzones?

Amazon dice que sus imágenes semidesnudas se eliminarán automáticamente de sus servidores después de que se rendericen las imágenes corporales en 3D. A cambio, obtendrás una estimación precisa de tu porcentaje de grasa corporal.

Adoption Of Technologies Like AI, ML By the Insurance Sector

While businesses across sectors are embracing technology-enabled solutions, technological innovation continues to outpace technological adoption

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AI in the insurance sector has transcended several use cases from intelligent automation in the back office to providing virtual assistance on the frontlines.
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How AI Can Help In Fighting COVID-19

To manage the pandemic, hospitals are looking forward to automated tools to the hilt. Healthcare experts are using AI to triage COVID-19 patients

Consumer Lending Companies Riding On Machine Learning Platforms To Manage Risks

The traditional analytical techniques of assessing borrowers' profiles have become obsolete owing to increased complexities involved while dealing with tonnes of data.
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Today, we use multiple tools to perform complex arithmetic. AI will become the "calculator" of sorts for performing complex tasks and data-driven decision making

Crean robot humanoide como filtro para pacientes sospechosos de Covid-19

La empresa mexicana Roomie IT Services diseñó un robot prototipo que promete identificar los casos sospechosos de coronavirus