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3 Ways Machine Learning Can Help Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who build AI into their business processes will reap the benefits.

Rashan Dixon

· 5 min read

5 Ways to Become a Healthcare Entrepreneur in India

The market is expected to become USD billion 372 billion by 2022 according to Government sources

Vimal Narayanan Vishnu Kumar

· 3 min read

5 Do's and Dont's for Selling Technology to Non-Technical People

Here's how as a technologist, you should be ready to adapt, adjust and tweak your product to meet the client's needs

Jash Choraria

· 5 min read

No One Knows It But These 3 Industries Now Depend on AI

AI is revolutionizing industries across the board, including ones nobody expected. But it's a sign of the times -- and the times to come.

Rashan Dixon

· 3 min read

How to Improve the Chances of Getting an SME Loan Approved

Alternative credit scoring based on digital data provides lenders a more holistic view of a borrower's creditworthiness and associated risks for credit underwriting

Navin Saini

· 3 min read

Humanising Homes: AI Integration Driving Homes to Think Like Humans

People will adopt these homes only to realise the massive benefits that will follow in the wake of rapid technological evolution

Ankush Tyagi

· 4 min read

Why Learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

More and more skilled people are needed in businesses to use the data available and put it to better use

Gaurav Chauhan

· 5 min read

Touch vs Voice: Who is Winning the Battle for 2019?

These factors will play a crucial role in the way humans interact with machines

Kumar Rangarajan

· 4 min read

Why Businesses Keep Failing to Make the Most of AI

Without a proper plan in place, companies are wasting money on incredibly promising tools. Entrepreneurs must design actionable strategies before investing in AI.

Hossein Rahnama

· 5 min read

Dive into Data Science With These Discounted Courses

Add a stellar bullet point to your resume with the 2019 Certified Data Scientist Architect Bundle.

Entrepreneur Store

· 2 min read

Insurtech: Catalysing Growth in the Insurance Sector

It's the technology that is being deployed to create, distribute and administer solutions in the insurance business in an effective and efficient manner

Vijay Sinha

· 4 min read

Why Political Parties are Bothered about Social Media Sentiments? Has Technology Played a Role

Complex Machine Learning (ML) algorithms can be used to automatically assign a mood label to individual posts depending on the purpose of analysis

Sandeep Gupta and Siddharth Mehta

· 4 min read