Ask a Budtender: How Do I Know What Strains I Will Like?

To discover the unique way cannabis affects you, simply pay attention to your high.

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Marijuana and Heart Attacks: What New Research Reveals

The public needs high-quality information about cannabis, which can help counterbalance the proliferation of rumor and false claims about the health effects of cannabis products.

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8 Motivating Strains for Morning Jogs

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What Really Is "Pure" Cannabis

People deserve to know what they are putting into their bodies.

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Will Marijuana Use Affect Your Chances of Getting Hired?

Unfortunately, marijuana use can still disqualify you from getting hired, even in states with fully legal weed.

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What Are Hemp Buds?

Get to know everything you need to about the popular smokable CBD bud.

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6 Cannabis Social Media Influencers You Have to Follow

If you're a fan of the bud, these should be your newest social media buddies.

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Florida's Marijuana Market Is About to Explode

Several strong indicators demonstrate that The Sunshine State is poised for big things.

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What Does "Dub" Mean?

We explain exactly where the slang comes from and how to use it the right way.

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Barriers to Studying Marijuana: Q&A with Dr. Thorsten Rudroff

Dr. Rudroff recently spoke in depth with The Fresh Toast about common misconceptions and barriers to research currently in place when studying medical marijuana or CBD.

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Last minute: Congress endorses the legalization of marijuana in Mexico

With the new law, people will be able to have up to 28 grams.

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Smoking More Weed Gets You Higher, but Here's the Downside

The more you smoke, the higher you'll get. But once you've hit a certain point, if you continue to ingest THC, you'll likely experience uncomfortable side effects or fall asleep.

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