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Looking To Try Smoking Weed Resin For The First Time? This Guide Will Help

For those curious about all things weed resin, we've got you covered.

Johnny Baldwin

· 5 min read

How Cannabis Can Enhance Athletic Performance

It can reduce anxiety, promote healing, and relax the body and mind. Here are some other ways athletes use cannabis to enhance performance.

Becky Garrison

· 3 min read

Cannabis Consumers' Buying Patterns Sure Are Changing During The Pandemic

Stats show the behaviors of consumers as they deal with the mental and physical impacts of COVID-19.

Andrew Long

· 3 min read

I Was Too Paranoid For THC, So Here's What I'm Smoking Instead

2020 has brought tons of struggles, and THC wasn't the way to help one person cope with it all.

Katie Ryan

· 6 min read

New Study Says Millennials Prefer Smoking Their Weed Over Any Other Type Of Consumption

Turns out millennials still like to keep it simple when using cannabis.

Green Market Report

· 2 min read

Why Using A Weed Grinder Is An Absolute Must

You don't need grinders to smoke marijuana, but you should still use one anyway. You can thank us later.

Maria Loreto

· 3 min read

Struggling To Stay Focused? These 8 Marijuana Strains Will Help

When looking for the right solution to better focus, consider one of these options.

Dante Jordan

· 5 min read

If You're Looking For Marijuana Growing Advice, These 7 Tips Are Sure To Do The Trick

Whether it's for a dispensary or for personal use, you should know these marijuana growing tips.

Green Market Report

· 6 min read

Carbon: The Forgotten Nutrient During Harvest Season

Although most people connect plant nutrition with NPK, carbon is at the center of almost everything a plant does.

Nik Nikolayev

· 4 min read

Do These New Wave Of Multi-State Weed Operators Really Have The 'Secret Sauce' To Succeed?

Multi-state marijuana operators are taking advantage of acquisition and licensing opportunities to expand their geographic footprints.

Jeff Smith

· 7 min read

Not Sure How To Scale A Cannabis Biz? We've Got Tips To Help You Out

There's a ton of competition, so here's how to differentiate your cannabis business from all of the others.

Jessica Smith

· 6 min read