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Hey, what about the law to legalize marijuana in Mexico?

We tell you what the legislation is going to regulate cannabis in the country as of June 2021.


Blue Dream or Sour Diesel? The Best Strains For Watching Movies

Entertainment industry insiders and seasoned stoned movie watchers weigh in.

andy andersen

Here's How to Fix Common Cannabis Growing Problems

Like every plant, weed needs some TLC. But how? This guide breaks things down.

Monika Rose

This is How to Bring Your Stale Weed Back to Life

Read this before you decide to throw out your dry dash.

Terry Hacienda

Ask a Budtender: Why Can't I Taste My Weed?

If Blueberry OG doesn't taste like blueberries, is that ok?

Lorena Cupcake

13 Top Terpenes You Should Know

Chiefly responsible for the aromatic and flavor diversity in a plant, terpenes are created to help plants defend themselves against threats and to attract beneficial species.

R.I.P. Delta-8 THC: Why States and DEA Want It Banned

There's no way states were going to just sit back and let people sell delta-8 without restrictions.

Griffen Thorne

How Are Cannabis Companies Shipping Delta-9 THC?

The rapid growth of the Delta-8 market has been met with swift bans in several states, with more states joining that list daily.

Steven Higgins

Are Marijuana Hangovers Real?

Weed hangovers are different than alcohol hangovers and come with a whole new host of side effects.

Maria Loreto

Comedian Matt Besser Doesn't like Smelling Cannabis

We have to go back to trusting that the weed is indeed weed and not weeds.

Matt Besser

The 8 Best Strains for Evening Workouts

This type of pot will bring some assistance while getting your sweat on.

Brianna Wheeler

Cannabis Anatomy 101: What Are Cannabis Calyxes?

Some plants have a higher density of calyxes to leaf. Knowing which strains will produce more calyxes can significantly increase your yield.

Terry Hacienda