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If You're Looking For Marijuana Growing Advice, These 7 Tips Are Sure To Do The Trick

Whether it's for a dispensary or for personal use, you should know these marijuana growing tips.

Green Market Report

· 6 min read

Carbon: The Forgotten Nutrient During Harvest Season

Although most people connect plant nutrition with NPK, carbon is at the center of almost everything a plant does.

Nik Nikolayev

· 4 min read

Do These New Wave Of Multi-State Weed Operators Really Have The 'Secret Sauce' To Succeed?

Multi-state marijuana operators are taking advantage of acquisition and licensing opportunities to expand their geographic footprints.

Jeff Smith

· 7 min read

Not Sure How To Scale A Cannabis Biz? We've Got Tips To Help You Out

There's a ton of competition, so here's how to differentiate your cannabis business from all of the others.

Jessica Smith

· 6 min read

These Celebrity Weed Brands Are The Ones You Want To Know Most

With weed so socially acceptable these days, it's no surprise that tons of celebs are putting their names on brands left and right.

Lindsay MaHarry

· 6 min read

Cannabis Cuisine Continues To Reach New Heights

Cheri Sicard is turning up the heat on unique, cannabis-infused meals.

Ngaio Bealum

· 6 min read

After CBD Saved His Life, This Exec Decided To Launch His Own 'Connoisseur Cannabis' Brand

Ashley Grace lived through a severe car incident in 1997, and turned to CBD instead of opioids to manage the pain.

Anthony Noto

· 7 min read

Kendall Jenner Claims 'No One Knows' That She's A Serious Stoner

The model and famous socialite opens up about her regular cannabis use after older sister Kourtney shared the secret on a recent podcast.

Brendan Bures

· 2 min read

Here's How Mobile Benches Are Reshaping The Cannabis Industry

Dutch flower producers have been using these systems to increase efficiency in large-scale greenhouses.

Christopher Machnich

· 5 min read

Millennials Or Boomers? A New Study Tells Which One Uses Marijuana More Frequently

So, are your parents really using weed more than you and your friends are?

Joan Oleck

· 3 min read

Is It Better To Grow Your Pot Inside Or Outside? We Have The Answer

For you home growers out there, we answer the difficult dilemma.

Becky Garrison

· 4 min read

Early Freeze In Colorado Could Cost Weed & Hemp Farmers Millions

Earlier than normal cold conditions could result in lots of loss flower for farmers.

Bart Schaneman

· 7 min read