Marketing Ideas

Why Your Approach to A/B Testing Is Costing You Sales

If you're not combining your tests with personalization efforts, you're doing it wrong.

Karl Wirth

· 6 min read

How to Test a Business Idea Without Spending a Fortune

Use landing pages to validate demand and build a pre-marketing list.

Dustin Mathews

· 6 min read

Why Digital Marketers Should Be More Like Personal Shoppers

When you customize the experience to fit the customer, everyone wins.

Karl Wirth

· 5 min read

3 Trending Marketing Tactics in 2018

From AI to Social media, we bring you the tricks of using technology to get in touch with your customers in minimal investment

David Petersson

· 5 min read

10 Effective and Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

Here's how to get your business noticed on a budget.

Brian Tracy

· 2 min read

Bizness Apps

· 5 min read

#5 Ways to Fuel Your Content Marketing with User-generated Content

Content marketing, by its virtue of helping customers make informed decisions, offers handsome ROI in terms of sales and building a brand

Sandeep Rathore

· 4 min read

Emotional Connectivity: The Secret to Million-Dollar Marketing Success

Give your customers helpful information to drive their decision-making, and they'll give you their business -- and their loyalty.

Gene Hammett

· 5 min read

A Killer, Hyper-Targeted, Local Marketing Campaign ... and Its Only Kryptonite

If you focus too much on broadening your reach, you might be missing out on prime marketing real estate.

Shaun Buck

· 4 min read

#5 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Perfect Pitch to Investors

Entrepreneurs need to understand the worth of the time given by investors

Agamoni Ghosh

· 4 min read

Pop-up Shop Marketing: a Quick How-to Guide

Do it right and pop! will go customers' expanded awareness of your brand.

Larry Alton

· 5 min read