Marketing Strategy

How to Transform a Physical Event Into a Digital One

The digital event has established itself as a great opportunity because it is more accessible and a greater number of people can be reached.

Ines Ruiz

Traditional Marketing Is Dying: Is Your Brand Prepared for What's Next?

In today's marketing world, a YouTube star or an Instagram model can have more influence and engagement than some of the largest brands in the world.

Carlos Gil

How Can Communities Solve Marketers' Conundrum?

Customer wants brands to show them they are understood and cared for

Jasal Shah

6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Strategy

Traditionally consumers used magazines and newspapers, now they consume information on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Ashish Gurnani

Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility in Business

It is always favourable when the assets of any organisation are nurtured to the fullest

Shivani Malik

Marketing Techniques to Enhance Brand Building

We tell you, where you lack and where you can improve in your scheme of things

Nina Lekhi

How To Make Your Brand Pro Franchise

Here are ways you can ensure your franchise business thrives and does not duck in again

How Fusion of Cultures Could be a Great Money-Making Idea

Stagecoach to Spread Indo-Western Flavors Across the Globe

How to Craft a Marketing Strategy That Converts Into Sales

Are your marketing communications just like everyone else's, or are you saying something people genuinely care about?

Ed Hatton

3 Mistakes That Will Tank Your Marketing Strategy -- And How to Fix Them

Brands are spreading themselves thin, diluting their efforts. Here's how to avoid that mistake at your business.

Peter Daisyme

Making Videos Your New Promotional Weapon: Tips from the Industry Expert

With most of the marketers using video marketing, let's check out the best tips from the industry people

Charu Mitra Dubey

Why It Is Now Critical To Build Mobile-Only Marketing Strategy

With more than 50% of e-commerce customers in India are transacting on mobile, it is now critical to have a robust mobile marketing agenda.