Medical Marijuana

Recent Study Shows THC Helps Mitigate Pain in the Elderly

When compared to other treatments for everyday aches, it's often more effective and less addictive.

Johnny Green

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Nurses

As the number of people using medical marijuana continues to grow, nursing with a focus on treating patients with cannabis has emerged as a new career field

Did COVID Boost the Number of Medical Marijuana Patients?

Many people, including newcomers to medical marijuana, have changed their reasons for using it.

Taneia Surles

Should Cannabis Be Part of Hospice Care?

For marijuana to reach its lofty potential in hospices in the future, there must be a unified legal status of cannabis from federal to state levels.

Terry Hacienda

Harvard Study Shows Medical Cannabis May Help with Chronic Pain

Higher THC consumption was connected to pain relief, while CBD intake was related to mood improvement.

Nina Zdinjak

Millions of People Report Using Cannabis for Arthritis

One of the biggest medical reviews to study cannabis and pain indicated that there is "substantial evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults."

Terry Hacienda

Possible Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in an Adult Use State

With each state's laws varying to some degree, medical cardholders and applicants are advised to review state and local regulations.

Andrew Ward

Dispelling the Negative Reputation of Medical Cannabis

The further cannabis is legitimized through standardization and the spreading of information, the more likely positive treatment outcomes are.

Market for Licensed Marijuana Businesses Heats up as Buyers Snap up Retail Stores, Other Properties

With the lack of inventory in the space, the cannabis businesses that are selling are getting higher premiums.

John Schroyer

4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Finding the right weed doctor might take some time and patience. Here are some things you should think about during your search.

Maria Loreto