3 determinants to be an entrepreneur mom

The so-called mompreneurs are becoming more and more worldwide and have grown successful and innovative businesses without neglecting the family.

This Mom Is on a Mission to End America's Food Allergy Epidemic

Millions of Americans are living with a food allergy. The founder and CEO of Lil Mixins shares what she's doing to change that.

Jessica Abo

ESPECIAL: Claves para ser mamá emprendedora

La maternidad y emprender son deportes extremos: están llenos de retos, incertidumbre y satisfacciones. Sin embargo, hay mujeres que combinan ambas actividades y luchan cada día para encontrar el equilibrio como mompreneurs.

SPECIAL: Keys to being an entrepreneur mom

Motherhood and entrepreneurship are extreme sports: they are full of challenges, uncertainty and satisfaction. However, there are women who combine both activities and struggle every day to find balance as mompreneurs.

¿Cuánto debería ganar una mamá?

Si sólo se dedicara al hogar, debería tener un sueldo de 2,316 dólares al mes; una mamá con un trabajo adicional ganaría 846.5 dólares en el mismo periodo.

How much should a mom earn?

If you were only in the household, you should have a salary of $ 2,316 a month; a mother with an additional job would earn $ 846.5 in the same period.

Mamá emprendedora: ¿Cómo saber si tu empresa es rentable?

Cuando uno emprende no hay nada más sencillo que los números. Si consideras tus alternativas como mamá presente y luego eliges tu negocio, lo que sigue es hacer un balance de rentabilidad.

In the USSR, 'Entrepreneur' Was a Dirty Word. I Didn't Realize My Mom Was One.

But now, as an entrepreneur myself, the lessons I learned from her are invaluable.

Natasha Zo

Helping Out in My Mom's Hair Salon Taught Me the Secret to Resilience, Even When Declaring Bankruptcy

I grew up watching my mom run a small business, and I carry the lessons I learned from her to this day.

10 ideas de negocio para mamás emprendedoras

Si eres una mamá que quiere emprender, te traemos una decena de ideas que pueden ser perfectas para tu estilo de vida.

10 business ideas for entrepreneurial moms

If you are a mom who wants to be an entrepreneur, we bring you a dozen ideas that may be perfect for your lifestyle.

How Mompreneurs Are Inspiring Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

Driven by the determination and grit to create a better present and future for their children, and harnessing the creative power that comes with motherhood for most women, mompreneurs are taking the lead in creating opportunities that can drive people to make sustainable life choices