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Forecast Your Financial Future With This $25 Financial Modeling Course

Get a hands-on education to manage your money for the weeks and years ahead.

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4 Ways to Set Your Rates As a Solopreneur

Do what works best for your business type, and the rest will fall into place.

Laura D. Adams

· 6 min read

David Partain

· 6 min read

What Are the Top Five Things That to Keep in Mind While Using Accounting Software

Here are the top five important criteria that one should consider before investing in an accounting system

Rajesh Gupta.

· 7 min read

COVID-19: The Impact on the Economy – Is The Worst Over?

As economies across the world try to jump-start their way to a "V-shaped" recovery, the question on the lips of many investors and analysts is, "has the worst of the economic damage passed?"

Abdullah Almanna

· 5 min read

5 Signs It's Time to Change Your Financial Advisor

How do you manage your finances? if you've taken the do-it-yourself road, you're very much in line with fellow Europeans.

Portia Antonia Alexis

· 11 min read

5 Personal-Finance Mistakes That Kill Promising Companies

For entrepreneurs, one slip-up can have far-reaching consequences.

Rashan Dixon

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7 Financial Lessons the Crisis Will Teach Us

And how we can use those lessons to be smarter moving forward.

Art Rainer

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Finding Jobs And Building Careers In The Age Of COVID-19 And Beyond

Given the magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic, all members of the workforce need market intelligence on how their industries, and consequently, jobs will be impacted, as well as guidance and coaching on actions they need to take to ensure a promising and successful professional future in a post COVID-19 world.

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This App Contains Everything Your Small Business Needs to Manage Its Finances Online

From simplified invoicing and payment processing to cash flow management, Fiskl does it all.

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