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Meet the Hippies Who Invented the Term 420

Steve Capper and Dave Reddix share the fascinating oral history of the origin story of 420.

Jonathan Small

· 15 min read

420 Gifts for the One You Love

It's 4/20. Here are some good reasons to celebrate.

Eric Weinberg

· 5 min read

What 420 Means to These Cannabis Industry Influencers

From freedom for the incarcerated to chomping on a pickle, here's is what is on their mind.

Andrew DeAngelo

· 4 min read

James Yi

· 10 min read

What Happens When You Combine Cannabis and Adderall?

It's a potentially dangerous combo. Here's why.

Terry Hacienda

· 5 min read

3 Innovations to Watch In Cannabis Extraction

It's one of the most inventive sectors in the industry, with new products and constantly evolving techniques used for processing raw plant material.

Bart Schaneman

· 5 min read

Beyond Potency: The 6 Most Important Hemp and Cannabis Tests

The future of hemp and cannabis relies on the industry's dedication to quality, education, and inspiring consumer trust. To meet these goals, companies must go beyond potency testing.

Roger Brown

· 7 min read

Study Suggests Psychedelics Are Linked to Better Physical Health

Not only did those who had previously used psychedelics report fewer instances of obesity, they also enjoyed better overall health.

Kristi Pahr

· 3 min read

Women In Cannabis Tech Are Making Strides, But Not Enough

Women are working in more STEM jobs, but they're also fighting for greater representation. 

Chynna Pearson

· 11 min read

Why Synthetic Cannabinoids Can Be a Good Thing

Much-maligned synthetic marijuana can have a positive outcome, but it needs to be regulated.

Pam Chmiel

· 4 min read

The Father of Marijuana Research Is Now Working on Synthesizing Cannabis Molecules

In what could prove to be a big part of cannabis' future, Raphael Mechoulam leads a team that's developed a way to create fully stable acid-based cannabinoid molecules.

· 4 min read

More Companies Are Bioengineering Marijuana. Is That a Good Thing?

The introduction of bioengineering modifications helps scale an already burgeoning industry.

Terry Hacienda

· 6 min read