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Louisiana Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Into Law

Small amounts of cannabis possession for personal will be categorized as a misdemeanor.

Andrew Ward

· 2 min read

How Cannabis Growers Are Preparing For More Wildfires Out West

The historic drought puts the billion dollar industry at risk once again.

· 2 min read

Jelena Martinovic

· 3 min read

Incarcerated 'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic Launching Cannabis Line

No big cats will be harmed in the creation of the CBD edibles.

Phil Hall

· 2 min read

The 7 Most Desired Skill Sets in Cannabis Right Now

On this week's Green Entrepreneur podcast, a leading cannabis recruiter weighs in on what companies and customers are looking for in the cannabis space.

Jonathan Small

· 1 min read

California Injecting $100 Million Into State's Struggling Legal Cannabis Industry

For starters, the money will help move provisional licenses to permanent ones.

Natan Ponieman

· 2 min read

This Dispenary Is Part Funhouse, Part Diner, and All Trippy

Step inside Superette's new nostalgia-fueled pot playhouse.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 2 min read

A Pharmacist Defends the Use of Delta-8

The much-maligned cannabis compound can be used safely and effectively.

Chris Adlahka, PharmD

· 4 min read

A Healthcare Worker Is Suing a Hospital System for Not Hiring Him Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

The Arkansas lawsuit points to a larger national issue. What rights do medical marijuana users have?

· 3 min read

Andrew Ward

· 3 min read

California Company Gets Fed Approval for Organic CBD Pet Tincture

The hemp-based oil is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and completely THC-free.

Chris Kudialis

· 3 min read

With Consumption Lounge Bill Passed, Las Vegas Poised to Lead on Cannatourism

In states like Nevada and New York, there's a real "if we build it the tourists will come" vibe.

Lesley Balla

· 3 min read