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WallStreetBets Fuels Cannabis Investor Flameout

There is so much promise for the cannabis industry, but so much zigging and zagging in search of sustainable profitability.

David Hodes

· 8 min read

Ask a Budtender: How Do I Make My Family Understand Cannabis Is Medicine?

There's still plenty of stigma surrounding weed for medical purposes, but here are some tips on how to talk about it.

Lorena Cupcake

· 6 min read

New Study Uncovers Benefits (And Lack of Knowledge) of Medical Cannabis

Parkinson's patients in Germany reported relief from pain and muscle cramps, but more than half who have not tried it said they might if more information was available.

· 4 min read

Ayahuasca Is Not Just for Tripping Out

Research has shown the enormous health benefits psychedelics may have on the gut, immune system, and heart.

Itzhak Berry

· 12 min read

Can Playing Music for Weed Make It Grow Taller?

Analysts have been considering the impact of music on plants for quite a long time.

Green Market Report

· 5 min read

Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Soap: Should You Try Them?

Tons of products are using hemp as an ingredient, but which ones are worth using?

Erin Hiatt

· 7 min read

Former NBA Star Chris Webber Launches $100 Million Cannabis Private Equity Fund

The partnership with JW Asset Management will invest in companies that are led by entrepreneurs of color.

Cedric "Big Ted" Thornton

· 2 min read

Joe Rogan Convinced Elon Musk to Use CBD

The podcast interview featured Rogan trying to convince the billionaire that CBD was for real.

Maria Loreto

· 2 min read

Marijuana Concentrate Sales Are Up 40 Percent

The category is typically thought of as the next level for the experienced cannabis connoisseur.

Bart Schaneman

· 6 min read

New Professional Associations Emerge for the Psychedelic Space

As the alternative treatment becomes more accepted so do the organizations surrounding it.

Faye Sakellaridis

· 15+ min read

Will Cannabis Affect How Smart You Are?

It's time to dive into some facts about how weed impacts your brain.

Green Market Report

· 6 min read

Does CBD Have Anti-Aging Benefits?

Our bodies produce fewer cannabinoids as we age, but cannabis-derived supplements may keep us healthier.

Pam Chmiel

· 3 min read