News and Trends

How Mainstream Media Is Shaping Attitudes Toward Cannabis

Local news especially can shift how a region thinks about legalization.

Madelin Cecil

There Might Not Be As Much CBD In That Product As You Think

Leafreport's latest study reveals surprising results for cannabis-infused coffee and teas.

Lesley Balla

The Insurance Industry Is Poised For Huge Profits Thanks to Weed

Savvy insurance companies know they have an unparalleled opportunity to provide coverage in a new and growing industry--if and when Congress acts.

Celebrating Notable Hispanic Leaders In the Cannabis Industry

Recognizing just a few key players for National Hispanic American Heritage month.

If Cannabis Strain Names Were Correct and Not Utterly Bizarre

Just name them for how they make you feel and what they'll make you do, ok?

Patricia Miller

Why Microdosing Mushrooms Is All the Rage Right Now

It's not just because of Hulu's hit "Nine Perfect Strangers."

Dana Smith

This Program Helps Marijuana Offenders Get Jobs In Legal Market

And it's not just for minor blemishes for pot possession, either.

Mike Adams

How the California Governor Recall Election Could Impact the Cannabis Industry

Would ousting Gavin Newsom stall or undo any progress already achieved?

Natan Ponieman

New Marijuana Grants in California Aim to Restore the Environment

One way to balance the negative effects of weed cultivation on the land.

Joseph Billions

Everything You Need to Know About THC-O

One fact: It's legality is questionable.

Lauren Wilson