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Big Name Celebrities Back E-Commerce Company Dutchie

Rapper Snoop Dogg, NBA star Kevin Durant, and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz are all on board to pass the Dutchie pon the left-hand side.

Cannabis Subscription Boxes Are Hot Commodity During The Pandemic, Growing By 550%

People are turning to weed to help with their mental fortitude amid an uncertain ending to the pandemic.

Struggling To Stay Focused? These 8 Marijuana Strains Will Help

When looking for the right solution to better focus, consider one of these options.

Houston's Forensic Science Center Develops Test To Differentiate Marijuana From Hemp

Law enforcement is finally equipped to tell illicit cannabis from legal hemp.

If You're Looking For Marijuana Growing Advice, These 7 Tips Are Sure To Do The Trick

Whether it's for a dispensary or for personal use, you should know these marijuana growing tips.

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Oakland Is Sweet On a Social Equity Incubator for Edibles

A first-of-its-kind social equity kitchen will be home to five equity recipients.

There Are The Hottest 25 Cannabis Brands This Week (ending September 16, 2020)

An in-depth look at the cannabis companies with the best brand marketing performance across social media, earned media, and web-related activities.

Carbon: The Forgotten Nutrient During Harvest Season

Although most people connect plant nutrition with NPK, carbon is at the center of almost everything a plant does.
Legal Marijuana

New Study Finds That Legalizing Pot Might Not Be A Quick Fix For State Budget Woes

The pandemic has crippled state budgets, but legalizing pot may not be the way to dig out of the hole, per an Anderson Economic Group study.
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Michigan Medical Marijuana Market Could Reach $3 Billion in Sales

The Wolverine state continues to lead the pack in the Midwest.

Cannabis Cuisine Continues To Reach New Heights

Cheri Sicard is turning up the heat on unique, cannabis-infused meals.

Kendall Jenner Claims 'No One Knows' That She's A Serious Stoner

The model and famous socialite opens up about her regular cannabis use after older sister Kourtney shared the secret on a recent podcast.

Here's How Mobile Benches Are Reshaping The Cannabis Industry

Dutch flower producers have been using these systems to increase efficiency in large-scale greenhouses.
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I Went To Jail For Five Years For Depositing A Cannabis Check

Criminal convictions for minor cannabis offenses is a major problem in this country. Just ask Evelyn LaChapelle.